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21109 Manufacturer Devices for Taxi Industry & Export to Portugal-North Spain



This family business with large expansion possibilities works with 2 different, yet compatible activities.

  1. A) One of its activities is the repair shop service for industrial vehicles, trucks, buses, vans, motorhomes, camper vans, all focused on industrial and commercial vehicles, not passenger cars. Main activity in the field of electricity and electronics, technical service in analog and digital tachographs focused on all motorized brands and models.
  2. B) The other activity is the manufacturing of devices for the taxi industry. Currently focused on producing a single product with many versions adapted to different city regulations, or taxi associations. This product was designed to adapt to the different versions or corporate image that the different municipalities or taxi associations may choose


Initially, the actual owner started a small electromechanical workshop of about 250 m2 in June 1980. Later on he moved to a larger town around Bilbao. Ten years later he moved again to a larger estate on a prestigious Industrial Park, well connected to national and International highways. In this new premises the company started the manufacturing process of apparatus for the Taxi Industry. Although they moved, the workshop in electrical services for industrial vehicles kept on with its services in these premises.

In 2010 they moved again to another area that is said to be the golden triangle of the province. The industrial building is 1.125 m2 built with a 223 m2 mezzanine plus a 276 m2 patio. The decision to move to a bigger place was due to saturation of vehicles, since both trucks and buses had difficulty entering the former premises. The decision was made to move to better facilities, especially looking for accessibility to the premises.

In the current location they registered the current company that would bring together and host the 2 activities, leaving the other 2 previous companies without activity.

Main milestones from its foundation until today.


Over the years the company was able to design, manufacture and market various devices for the Taxi Industry, all marketed in Spain and Portugal,

The equipment is now being sold in both Portugal and Spain. At the same time the company provides maintenance service for all their sold equipment. This after sale service includes a growth possibility to replace “old devices” sold in the past or adapt all equipment due to the change in taxi regulations to comply with European regulations. This is where the commercial action comes in, taking advantage of whether customers have their apparatus or not. Usually everybody in the industry knows this specific Brand for its quality and durability, so the door is open, to renew existing devices to clients in the data base or sell the new models to new clientele.



Due to its location, with very good accesses near the motorway exit, these new premises are very appropriate to expand the services of the mechanical workshop for industrial vehicles and expand the client portfolio at the level of Tachographs.

At the same time “new “services can be considered in “air conditioning repairs” to industrial vehicles, trucks, buses, commercial vehicles, and vans.

Not to forget the “boom” in the so called “leisure” industry that currently demands to expand this service to motorhomes and vehicles equipped as camper.





The company provides custody and download service of

  • digital tachograph data. They repair and install speed limiters to industrial vehicles, as well as heavy machinery,

It installs and repairs

  • electrical and electronic repairs in general.
  • all types of starter motors and alternators, including CLASSIC CARS.
  • service in repairs of hydraulic platforms type Zepro, Dhollandia Duatel,
  • installations of autonomous heating components type Webasto, Eberspacher
  • centralized greases for industrial vehicles and heavy machinery,
  • GPS navigators

As a repair shop they have a history of more than 40 years.

Being a technical service in analog and digital Tachographs duly authorized, they do NOT provide service in general mechanics.


Their main product is a

  • rate indicator /repeater module-J…….* (Registered Trademark)- currently sold in Spain and in Portugal with an impact of 85% of the Portuguese market.

Even Italy is on the target for export as they visited the production unit last year

* additional products for the taxi industry are in preliminary study.


Important to know is that the business holds all the equipment and all the elements to produce molds, software, etc. etc.

The company focuses basically on the production and distribution of a one and only product, their Tariff Repeater Module* (Registered Trademark),

Because currently the legislation in Spain has changed due to the new regulations for the Taxi Industry. Nowadays the ITVs (annual car inspection) are requiring the new homologation of the rate indicator/repeater modules.

Fact is that their repeaters were homologated again adjusting to the new European regulations, from the following year 2022, 2023.

As the government is already demanding these homologated devices for new vehicles referring to radiated emissions, electromagnetic compatibility, it is time for commercial actions to sell new devices or replace the ones installed earlier.

What is a “Rate indicator/repeater module”

When we request a taxi, we know that we have to pay for the service they provide us.

To calculate a correct rate, each TAXI has installed equipment such as a Taximeter, the payment system that is currently widely used with the mobile phone, the ticket printer, a fare repeater equipment* (Registered Trademark), that is installed outside the vehicle and a fleet management, to assign the closest taxi to the place where the customer who has requested a taxi is located.


The meter is responsible for applying the corresponding rate depending on whether it is a working day, a Bank holiday or if it is daytime rate or nighttime rate. At the same moment fares in downtown city are at different rate to fares to the suburbs and shuttles have a fixed rate.

These positions are programmed by the taximeter and act automatically according to all the parameters mentioned. As a result, any driver, client, or authority can see which rate it is currently used and thus know if the taxi driver is applying the correct rate.

The apparatus placed on the roof of the taxi reflects a green light if the taxi is free. When the light is off the is busy.


This “rate repeater module equipment “is(Registered Trademark), mandatory in most of the world and must  always work correctly, as well as the taximeter. For example, in Spain and in other European countries, it is mandatory that the rate repeater module equipment always shows the rate applied at any particular moment of the day/night.

In other countries the rate is not reflected, they only carry one single light of different colors that can be White, Yellow, Orange, and others.

Their equipment can also be easily adapted to regulations of other countries.


  • The T……,* (Registered Trademark), and the J…….* (Registered Trademark), – Taximeter, are patented.


  • HOMOLOGATION – The Taximeter was also homologated.


  • HOMOLOGATION – The homologation of the T…… * (Registered Trademark), – rate repeater module was homologated at European level in 2014


  • A sale contract with the largest Taxi Company in Portugal was signed for almost 100% of the Portuguese market.

+ The company also sells through authorized dealers /workshops. More than 15,000 pieces of equipment are sold through dealers and are due to being renewed.


  • Update and renew all the previous installed devices for Taxi Industry
  • Target new clients who are due to replace their older version because of changed European regulations
  • The company edit various publicity articles in Taxi Industry related magazines in Spain and Portugal


  • The manufacturer unit has more than € 910,000 in machine tools and the workshop unit owns an asset of 58.000 euro in machines reflected on the balance sheet.
  • The billing data for the workshop activity from 2014 to 2019 both included is about € 333,000. And the billing data for the manufacturing activity from the same years 2014 to 2019 both included is about € 740.000.


These two activities are for sale

  • Manufacturing taximeter and related devices for the taxi industry

At 810.000 euro

  • Workshop specialized in tachograph and cooling installation and repair for industrial vehicles

At 324.000 euro

Note. The premises are rented at 2.975 euro/month



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