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Estate&Mansion&Winery&Wedding Venue&Lush Hotel on 1.738 ha -Valencia/Spain


This Estate ( Finca) is located in the very center of the “Hoces del Cabriel” Nature Park. The “Cabriel” river winds through the limits of this estate, being the limit of the Valencia Community and the D.O. Utiel Requena. This area is known as the oldest wine making region in Spain since viticulture was practiced by the Iberians from the 5th and 4th centuries BC.


In the Autonomous Region of Valencia

Situated on the axis Madrid Valencia City at 298 km from Madrid and

only 57 km away form golden Mediterranean beaches and the beautiful city of Valencia with its rich culture,and world- leading Musea such as “ Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias”.

Its famous international schools and prestigious Universities offering excellent education to both national- and expat children.

                       THE ESTATE – I

The Estate has a surface area of 1.738 hectares ( 17.380.000 m2) , of which 72 ha vineyards producing quality rapes for their exquisite wines.

The rest of the estate is a privileged natural site of Mediterranean fauna and flora. The “ Cabriel “ river passes through the estate, forming a beautiful lagoon, both protected by the “Júcar Hydrographic Confederation” and the “Hoces del Cabriel” Nature Park.

Privileged Micro climate for cultivation of grapes and other crops

The continental climate with influence of the Mediterranean marks the cultivation. Although the determining factor is marked by the humidity caused by the riverside micro climate, which favors an early ripening of the grapes and other crops.

The effect of solar reverberation on the river mirror and its refraction in the valley are an opportunity of qualitative guarantee and productive improvement in the sugar maturity of the grape.

On the other hand, the vineyards are located inside a small valley, which favors the creation of air currents that act to neutralize humidity, ventilates the grapes and prevents the appearance of fungal diseases.

Nature Park

The brand “Parcs Naturals de la Comunitat Valenciana” is a distinctive that is granted by the Ministry of Infrastructure, Territory and Environment to the products obtained, elaborated and presented within the area of socioeconomic influence of the Nature Parks of the Valencia Community.

This estate is located within one of these the Nature Parks on the shores of an important river of great influence for their vineyards located on its shores. This badge is an important recognition of their work and continuous search for quality in their production of wines.

Their environmental commitment has led them to restrict any type of logging in the forested areas of the farm since the end of the 1987

  • Vegetables and grasses:wheat, barley, oats ,sunflower, vetch:  60 ha
  • Vineyard (irrigated vineyard):  70 ha
  • Chestnut trees (irrigated) : 7 ha
  • Olive trees (irrigated) : 5 ha
  • Mount (pine and scrub):  1.580.31 
  • TOTAL 1.722,31
Hunt Preserve

Hunt preserve duly legalized with registration number V-10,290 with its Hunt Technical Plans approved and in execution.

The estate is fenced in its perimeter in 1.504.53 Ha. The rest of the surface is not fenced as these are vineyards and irrigated farmland that are operated separately.

The estate has a 30 Hectares of fenced grounds for the assembling of wild game.

It also holds 4 fenced observation plots, as well as 8 construction booths to wait for the wild boar and 2 wooden observation turrets.

The cereal collected in the fields serves for their own use as well as to feed the big game on the estate as well as to be commercialized .

On the estate we find following game species: wild goat, wild boar, red partridge, wood pigeon, turtledove, common, azulón (ducks), hare and rabbit.

  • 5.5 km of paved access (access to main house)
  • 5 km of exit without paving but fixed
  • Other arranged roads that cross and communicate the farm
  • 3 irrigation booths equipped with irrigation equipment.
  • 65 Ha of drip irrigation located in trellis (vineyard)

1 Mansion  XIX Century (2 floors, attic, 250 m2 of garden, pool, oven,

paellero,  warehouses, cordless telephone, 60 KW generator set for lighting,


  • 3 auxiliary housing for staff (2 floors, renovated)
  • 2 storage sheds
  • 2 sheepfolds
  • 1 dovecote
  • 1 gas-oil tank (15.000 liters)
  • 1 filtered water tank for supply (15.000 liters)
  • 1 grape harvester (new)
  • 3 agricultural tractors
  • 4 trailers
  • 1 stainless steel tank for irrigation
  • 2 PVC tanks
  • 1 lagoon next to the main house of 4 Ha, with permanent water
  • all year. It has a jetty and possibility for fishing and hunting of aquatic (ducks)
  • Cabriel river (southern part of the entire farm and carries water all year) and
  • Rambla caballeros or Albosa (it crosses the entire farm and carries water
  • all year)

                           THE WINERY-  II 

  • 12 Ha.
  • 2 Ha. Of pine forest.
  • Processing warehouse with 6 tanks of 30.000 liter each
  • 2 maceration units of the type “Vinimatic” of 15.000 liter each
  • 1 pneumatic press.
  • 2 automatic surveyor’s band with shredders.
  • 1 Selection table.
  • 1 Deposit to classify.
  • Various auxiliary tanks.
  • 1 Control table with cold and heat.
  • Conservation Warehouse equipped with 8 deposits of 38.000 liter
  • Processing Warehouse equipped with 8 tanks of 20.000 liter
  • Aging Warehouse equipped with 350 French oak barrels.
  • Storage Warehouse with capacity of <200,000 bottles>
  • Bottling Warehouse with lung tank.
  • Barrel-washing Warehouse

XIX century house of 1000 m2. 4 storey, restored with elements of the same era

Central patio with capacity for 250 people.

License for WEDDINGS, Events and Banquets.

Florante” dining room for 90 people with kitchen.

Alba” dining room for wine- tastings and direct sales.

  • 2 houses for housekeepers
  • 2 warehouses for work material.
  • Building with irrigation equipment for the vineyard.

The winery, situated on the shores of the Magro river, enjoys breathtaking views that remembers the Tuscany.

Expansion possibility
  • Expanding the existing licenses ( organizing weddings etc ) to open a Lush Hotel
  • Increase the winery’s yield , as the turnover has been reduced to a minimum due to the illness and decease of the “pater familias” and owner
  • Organizing “ Hunting parties “ during Autumn period
  • Commercialize the harvest and game
  • Attract International Clientele for Wedding Parties & Events & Celebrations

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