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Price: 875.000€
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Unique Opportunity in Mallorca for Watersport Lovers and Nautical Entrepreneurs


A boat rental company is for sale in Mallorca. The business includes 8 high-quality semirigid boats, well-maintained, including several Capelli Tempest models ranging from 5.9m to 10.1m in length.

Strategic Operation and Location: The company operates from a yacht club with 8 reserved moorings, a valuable resource in an area with a shortage of available moorings.

Efficient Management: An advanced cloud-based software system allows comprehensive control of bookings, collaborators, commission agents, and a database of over 1500 clients.

Solid Business Model: 40% of revenue comes from direct and repeat customers, while 60% is generated through leisure portals, travel agencies, hotels, and other local commission agents.

Growth Potential: Current revenue exceeds €250,000 annually, with the capacity to increase without further investment in boats. Strategies such as increased social media presence and additional services like “Sunset Cruises” can drive growth.

Ideal for Investors and Nautical Professionals: This is an excellent opportunity for those seeking a “lifestyle” business or for nautical professionals in the Balearic Islands looking to expand their fleet and take advantage of the available moorings in this area.

Key Highlights

  • 8 high-quality boats
  • 8 moorings in a recognized yacht club
  • Cloud-based management program linked to the booking website
  • Recurring clientele and commercial agreements
  • Potential to increase revenue with existing boats
Property Features