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Price: 575.000€

22148 Successful Multi Brand Automotive Corporation Multi-Brand - Barcelona



This highly specialized company has been created in 1986. It is linked to the automotive sector (mechanics, body shop works, painting, and vehicle sales). It is endorsed both by its many years of experience and the high number of satisfied clients served throughout the years.

The company holds an “Official Nissan Service” CONTRACT, yet it is also functioning as a Multi Brand sales-and -repair point.

For over more than 30 years they are dedicated to the automotive sector and comprehensive services. The origin is found in Sabadell (Barcelona), in 1987, when it started as a family business mainly dedicated to the sale and repair of Nissan cars followed by multi-brand vehicles.

The Company offers various services going from “regular” maintenance works, mechanics and breakdown diagnosis, bodywork, and painting repair services, up to successful sales departments for both electric and combustion vehicles.

Lately they even became specialists in substitution from using vehicles ‘fossil fuel into Gas or LPG systems, as it is encouraged by the Government recently.


This company is only 33 km inland from the Catalonian capital of Bcn. It is Located on Barcelona´s large “Industrial Sector”,  traditionally an administrative center of territorial relevance and economic dynamism.

Barcelona is the 20th-most-visited city in the world by international visitors and the fifth most visited city in Europe after London, Paris, Istanbul and Rome, with 5.5 million international visitors. Popular for its typical RAMBLA, Barcelona is ranked the most popular city to visit in Spain.


In 1987 the company started in the industrial city of Sabadell –on the outskirts of the renown metropole city of Barcelona as a family business.
Specialized mainly in the sale and repair of Nissan Vehicles.
Over the years they added servicing other brands and so became what we know now as a “Multi – Brand” car business.
So, they grew, first they occupied a 900 m2 facilities and later moved to a very up -to-date and modern  3000 m2 premise including a very attractive show room.
Although they never changed their philosophy and remained “a Family Business” to this very day.
One of their most important achievements is having increased their client portfolio up to 14.000 clients, a large amount of them even recurrent clients.


Leaning on its more than 30 years’ experience they are affiliated to the most important network of multi-brand workshops in Europe.
By Representing brands such as MAXUS, NISSAN, ISUZU, SILANCE, BOSCH CAR SERVICE as an official service and dealer.

The 3.000 m2 premises are divided into
Show Room = 500 M2
These are rented at 3.700 euro/month.



This company offers a wide range of services such as

  • body work and painting,  repair services,
  • maintenance mechanics: revision and replacement of oil, brakes, lights etc
  • full breakdown diagnosis and repairs after car accident
  • sale of electric and combustion vehicles – various brands
  • changing the car combustible from fossil to LPG or Gas.


  1. SALES VEHICLE & CAR – Accessories – After Sales Dept

The company offers a wide range of vehicles that are available for sale both the traditional ones, running on gasoline, as well as the newest electric and hybrid models.
A variety of them are carefully displayed in their modern 500 m2 show room, where
new and used (only semi -new, low mileage and management) vehicles are displayed.
Their main sales core consists of selling vehicles between 3500Kg to 14T.
Meaning that the majority of sales is made by medium / luxury cars up to expensive industrial vehicles.

On top of that they became specialists in electric mobility, and thus gained recognized experience by the sector
Listening to the necessities of the car market, the actual owners didn´t hesitate to include and expand their sales assortment by a well-stocked accessories / spare parts department including hitches, spokes, spoilers, fenders, etc.
On top they of all these they offer a complete After-Sales Service attending any questions, queries or needs that the client may have.
Most of all they are very proud to have gained the trust of their clients approving and endowing their extensive knowledge of the market.
Quality is one of the pillars that defines their entrepreneurial spirit. As every mechanical and body work repairs are guaranteed by well-defined work processes

 2. REPAIRS and Mechanics

They cover all kind of vehicle repairs from periodical maintenance and regular inspection of the car to major engine repairs up to high tech electric adjustments.

Therefore, the company counts with highly trained teams, both professional and technical, in every department.
All kinds of revisions and mechanical repairs of any vehicle are carried out in their facilities.
Currently the company owns a data base of over 10.000 customers who have put their trust in their hands when it comes to servicing and repairing their vehicles.
They have a database of more than 10,000 satisfied and regular customers for whom they have carried out maintenance or repair work.
Very important to mention is the fact that this company manages several permanent contracts with surrounding industrial companies in order to service and repair their full fleet.
On the other hand, they carry out enhancements to the engine, reforms and improvements to the vehicle, placement of accessories, etc.

3. BODYWORK and Paint Spraying

Each bodywork service is carried out following all quality standards that ensure a perfect finish. Always seeking full customer satisfaction, faithfully fulfilling their expectations.

Example of different types of body an paint spraying work executed in their fully professionally equipped “Automobile iron and paint workshop”

  • Vehicle full or partial body repair
  • Experienced qualified Staff members in repairing major claims.
  • Fixed benches with four columns and mobile benches.
  • Replacement of windscreen and other car-glasses replacement.
  • Spray Painting in specialized painting booths and TAKE IN -Plenum, designed with high-efficiency paint booth filtersto remove dust and dirt before it enters the spray booth.
  • Repair of plastics, bumpers, spoilers, etc…
  • Their prestigious and outstanding performances are recognized by every insurance expert -officer and by the most important insurance companies.
  • Photo-Expertise with their own equipment: GT-Estimate and Audatex software can be carried out to save time
  • More than 10.000 satisfied clients attest their professionalism
  • Known for their most complete guarantee offered as an independent Workshop and Multi-brand Vehicle professional
  • And moreover: their absolute desire to improve their services to the difficult challenges of a free market every day


  • The company is full member of the “Five Star Dupont-Cromax Workshop Network” , an international company endorsed with numerous awards and mentions.
  • The Spray and Paint department is equipped with a special Plenum -IN -TAKE -module for small dents and scratches in iron and paint which reduces the repair time is considerably and contributes to a huge benefit for the client.
  • Once the agreed repairs have been done, the vehicles are delivered completely washed, clean and most important, on the set date.


Belonging to the international network of “Comfort Auto – Neumáticos Soledad “ which is a specialist in car tires, they can advise every client on this matter and at the same time present the best product at the most competitive prices.


  • original Nissan spare parts and other brands.
  • alternate exchange section
  • distribute throughout Spain.

As every government insists to remove fossil fuel, they quickly understood the importance of this element, therefore carry out the alteration works for all types of vehicles, light industrial, commercial, and also passenger cars.
Staff is trained and possesses all the technical means that guarantee this transformation, accompanied by all the mechanical guarantees.


* Courtesy vehicles and rental vehicles at the most affordable prices on the market, even pro hour if necessary.

  • In- house- vehicle insurance if requested.
  • In -house – financing for vehicle-purchase or repair operation.
  • Being affiliated as a prestigious car – workshop to the Spanish Insurance Companies network “ Insurers Preferred workshop” the collection and car- delivery at home is guaranteed as well as the supply of a courtesy vehicle if necessary.

 COMPANY´S Guarantee

  • mechanics according to current legislation.
  • Bodywork and paint -spray for 20 years.
  • Complies with the European Regulation on the Environment.
  • Endorsed by ISO certifications.
  • Annual audits carried out by the different Official Networks.


  • Being aware of the global environmental situations, this company is promoting the transformation initiatives to change fossil fuel into gas or LPG for any type of vehicle.
  • All waste will be classified for re-use, respecting environmental protocols for this industry.
  • Taking care of their professional staff and clients is their ongoing motto. Together they work, learn, and enjoy, as a team. Ideas and enthusiasm will excite the group Close and personalized treatment is their seal of quality.
  • Corporate extensive professional experience, that generates clients ‘trust, maintains a high quality standard, respectful for the environment and takes care of their staff professionals and clients.


 1. Premises

600 m2 of mechanical workshop

500 m2 bodywork, spray- paint workshop

500 m2 show room, sales exhibition

1000 m2 Parking

+ 14.000 customers – between workshop clients and car buyers

+ 5.000 cars and vehicles sold and delivered

+ 10.000 repairs executed with the maximum Quality SEAL

Certificate of Quality

“Arval Service Lease” ”,  a prestigious Lease -Renting Company valued and congratulated them by granting the “ Certificate of Quality”, for the €250,000 billing this 2021.

Due to its location, in the middle of the industrial area of Barcelona City, they serve an overall of important Corporates in the region, mostly involved in international distribution, transport, agricultural,  etc

An outstanding professional staff of 9, every one of them specialized in a certain segment of this automotive industry: mechanics, electricity, painting-spraying, bodyworks etc  under the positive management of both owners.

This Limited Company generates a substantial turnover gaining more than decent annual profits.

However, if the new owner so desires, he can increase sales either by diversifying products for sale, for example adding humble smaller cars, or high-end vehicles to their assortment as well as expanding through an extensive Marketing Campaign to attract more private clients.
Even by creating a new department of Car Hire, though long term contracts with major Car Renting Companies.
They have very little competition as there are no professional automotive companies in the same region.

Although the year 2021 has been a turbulent and difficult year for many companies all over the world.
Even then this enterprise managed to realize a turnover of  over 2 million euros, gaining an  EBITDA of almost 10 %.
Turnover during “normal” years are between 2,5 and 2,8 million euros.
It must be said that the company has no debt towards Public Authorities: Taxes, Social Security, VAT etc.  Neither to banks, nor have they outstanding payments towards suppliers or debtors.

After so many years of positive and profitable management, the owners (husband and wife) are longing to retire and to enjoy the little things of live.
Therefore they are offering this successful business at the incredible price of .
575.000 euro
*  Premises are rented at 3.700 euro/ month.

Although full equipped, painting booth, mechanic bridges, etc etc

  • Stock, parts, cars and vehicles are NOT included.
  • Inventory to be made at moment of sale.
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