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21141 – Fully equipped factory recent construction, Natural Cosmetics based on olive derivatives – Andalusia



This business family came into contact with the benefits of olive oil a decade ago when they bought an olive farm in Andalusia.

They learned a lot about the attributes and benefits of the product. They worked hard to improve the quality of their oils and also noticed the arid and dry climate that is suffered in the field.

One day they decided to use olive oil to combat dry skin and that’s where the idea was born.

Fascinated by the benefits of this product, they wondered if they could decipher the beneficial elements of this product and apply it to the beauty sector. That is when they surrounded themselves with the best experts and professionals in the field.

The result was the elaboration of a complete line of beauty products and the construction of a fully equipped factory to elaborate and package the different cosmetics.


   The Brand and Products

They invested in the creation of a representative and well-kept brand. A brand that clearly explains the value proposition and is in tune with its ideal customer.

Also quality is paramount, so the laboratory is prepared under European regulations where the Cosmetics Factory meets all EU requirements based on ISO standards

While olive and its derivatives are the central axis of the brand, it is not the only natural ingredient used in its products. Shea butter, Aloe Vera and coconut oil, are among many others, main elements present in the formulas themselves.

Organic essential oils and infusions of olive leaf, thyme, lavender water and chamomile water give added value to the product to provide the care that the skin deserves.

   The factory

The factory is located in the epicenter of the olive industry in Andalusia. In an industrial estate properly connected to the national road system to ensure sound logistics.

For two years, significant investments have been made in the industrial warehouse owned by the company.

Laboratories, offices, manufacturing plant, filling plant and packaging and logistics area has required study, planning, licenses and significant economic outlays.

However, the most valuable asset of this company are the formulas, the carefully crafted product line and its clear and concise brand.

   Deal proposition

Due to changes in the family situation, the company had to paralyze the activities in the initial phase of commercialization and search for distributors.

The factory is fully assembled, the company has all the licenses and the pharmacist has been kept on the payroll to maintain the necessary sanitary licenses.

It is an ideal opportunity for any company in the wellness sector that wants to diversify and include a line of natural cosmetics in its offer to the market.

With the acquisition of this factory, a shortcut is bought, avoiding 2 years of R +D+I with its operating cost and its loss of opportunity.

The factory, brand, formulas, stocks and the industrial warehouse has been valued at € 2.980.000.

100% purchase offers and partial purchases with licensing are studied.

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