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21136  Ecological Products  Physical and ONLINE shop – Costa del Sol


21136  Ecological Products  Physical and ONLINE shop – Costa del Sol


  1. Physical Shop

This  business runs an ecological and sustainable products supermarket in the center of an important and buzzling city on the Costa del Sol (Province Malaga).

It offers over more than 3.000 references between food products, cosmetics, herbology, and bulk products.

During the 9 years that this corporation has been on the market, it has gained the expertise and confidence to analyze and select only products that are popular and in high demand among its clientele.

Actually, this company has over 9.000 registered and loyal customers.

  1. b) Online store

The online version has all the same products that are offered at the physical store.


Washed by the Mediterranean Sea, the Costa del Sol extends along more than 150 kilometers of coastline in the southern Iberian Peninsula Autonomous Region of Andalucía.

Its name, the “Coast of the Sun”, is not due to mere chance: with over 325 sunny days a year and a benevolent climate, this is a paradisiacal place with beaches to suit all tastes

The Malaga province is situated in southern Spain, on the Mediterranean coast. Its northern half lies on the Andalusian plain, while its southern half is mountainous and rises steeply from the coast, along which there is a narrow strip of lowland. The Alhama Mountains separate Málaga from Granada to the east, and not far from the Cádiz boundary, to the west, the ridges of Ronda, Mijas, Tolox, and Bermeja converge to form a summit, Mount Torrecilla (6,296 feet [1,919 metres]). The principal rivers in Málaga are the Guadalhorce and the Guadiaro.

The province is largely agricultural; fruits, including grapes, and vegetables are grown along the coastal lowlands and in the rich interior valleys. The warm, sunny climate of the coast (part of the Costa del Sol) has made the area popular with tourists, especially around Torremolinos, Fuengirola, Marbella, and Málaga city, the provincial capital. The service industry dominates the economy, but the manufacture of textiles, liquors, electronics, and leather products is substantial. Other attractions include the Menga, Viera, Nerja, and El Romeral caves, with their prehistoric paintings and relics, and a national hunting region in the Serranía de Ronda, north of Marbella. Besides Málaga, the most important cities in the province are Ronda and Antequera.


Main milestones from its beginnings until now.

The actual owners established the corporation in 2012.

Their first location was a 25m2 (!!!!) store offering ecological products.

After 3 years they opened the second store, including a supermarket of more than 100m2 where they are still operating today.

Their growth has been impressive as it was the first large ecological supermarket of this important town.

A reference and recognition by the press and city council.


The shop distributes highly renowned brands of ecological products such as Granero Integral, Naturgreen, La finestra, Natursoy,

The web shop is divided in easy-to-follow categories.

  • Nutrition/ Subcategories: canned products, oils and aromatics, beverages, baby products, pasta and cereals, tea and infusions etc


  • Fridge: vegan products, vegan “meat”, coconut milk , creams, etc


  • Cosmetics / Subcategories: beauty masks, hair care, baby and mother care,

gentlemen, aromatherapy, make-up, body care, sun care, etc


  • Supplements and Vitamins / Subcategories: children, hair and nails, state of mind, weight control, anti-inflammatory, vitamins, blood circulation, menopause, probiotics


  • Home/ Subcategories: orgonites and mineral stones, incense, Tibetan bowls etc


  • No- Gluten products



The company operates with a staff of 3 workers.

Three workers

  • permanent worker with one year of seniority
  • female worker 9-month contract
  • working 3-month contract

During High- Season- periods it is possible and advisable to contract temporary staff.


The shop and supermarket have a total surface of 110m2.

It is fully installed with 3 refrigerators, 2 freezers, shelves, complete furniture, cash registers, sales and accounting program.

And a product stock with a value of € 70.000 approximate.

The supermarket is divided into different areas:

  • organic food,
  • bulk food
  • cleaning products,
  • herbology products,
  • organic cosmetics


Throughout these years this company has made itself known by advertising campaigns, and through social networks

The “Online sales” had a significant increase in recent years, mainly by sending weekly emails with discount coupons, newsletters, and monthly offers.


The management is creating a digital marketing project to relaunch the store with a new message for both the physical store and the web-shop.


This extremely professional company reaches a yearly turnover of a 700.000 euro/year.


This is the ideal business for a family of expats, clean, nice, easy to manage leaving enough leisure time to enjoy the beauty of the Costa del Sol.

Or for a company in the same sector aiming to distribute its own products on the Spanish Market.

Asking Price 258.000 euro for this successful business fully installed, and 9.000 active clients.

Premises on prime location are rented at 2.000 euro/month

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