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21129 Wholesaler Timber and Wood: doors, floors, kitchen, boards and DIY -  Malaga Province-  Costa del Sol – Andalusia



Currently, this company is a warehouse for wood and custom cut boards,

custom edging, sawmill, material for kitchens, cabinets and doors, wood for

pergolas, tropical woods, platforms, parquet floors, outdoor floors and everything

regarding DIY, structured in several lines of business:


Washed by the Mediterranean Sea, the Costa del Sol extends along more than 150 kilometers of coastline in the province of Malaga, in the southern Iberian Peninsula Autonomous Region of Andalucía. Its name, the “Coast of the Sun”, is not due to mere chance: with over 325 sunny days a year and a benevolent climate, this is a paradisiacal place with beaches to suit all tastes.

The company is located on a busy Industrial Park between Marbella and Manilva/La Duquesa Port.

New construction and real estate sales are still booming in this area as well as the “Renovation/ Remodeling” industry, for many houses and apartments on this coastline are being updated by their new owners.



The enterprise was founded in 1955.

At first it was founded as a lumber mill, where boxes were manufactured for fish and fruit as well as chariot wheels.

In 1981, the company moved to the Industrial Park where it remains located today.

A first warehouse was built on a plot of 1800 m2 and in 2001 they built a

second industrial warehouse, and finally in 2004 the third two-story warehouse was built.

The company expanded and dedicated itself to the different products and services described hereafter.



The company is structured in several lines of business:

1) Direct sale: counter with an exhibition of 350m2 of direct- sale products including a      large selection of DIY

2) Wholesale: professionals from the construction/remodeling industry, place their orders via email. Sometimes those professionals visit the exhibition with their clients to choose the materials.

3) Wholesale: The Commercial Department organizes regular visits to professional clients in Granada, Malaga, Torremolinos, Fuengirola, Benalmádena, Marbella, Estepona, Algeciras, San Roque, Los barrios, Ceuta and Melilla.

4) Sales of materials with custom made-to-measure services: when a client wants to start a general home- remodeling the company will not only provide all the necessary material , such as floors, doors, cabinets, bathroom furniture, kitchen, entrance doors but they will  also designate one of their regular subcontractors of installers always with the supervision of their own technician.

5) Sales for construction industry: contracts with promoters/ building companies to sell and install doors, kitchens, cabinets and floors.



Since 2019, following the guidelines of a consulting company (TACTIO),

the company’s structure is organized as follows:

  • Management / General Director
  • Financial department
  • Administrative department
  • Commercial department with fleet of vehicles and commercial and sales manager
  • Technical department for kitchen design, cabinets … works.
  • Production department,
  • Logistics department



Currently there is an exhibition of 350m2, a machinery area with about

970m2 and a storage area of 1590m2.


This very professional enterprise counts with the most advanced machinery and equipment such as

  • Olimpic k800 – High performance automatic edge bander
  • STRIEBIG STANDARD II VERTICAL SAFETY SAW Sections various types of wood quickly
  • Four side Moulder BONGANTI
  • SCM K800 AH EDGER Glued synthetic tape for edge finishes
  • BAND SAW BAND SAW MR-SC-01 Cuts sturdy logs and transform into quality slats
  • LABRADORA BRUSHING MACHINE PRAIN MR-L-01 Reduces, adapts and polishes surface of wooden blocks

Material movements

  • Vacuum MACHINE PERCA FCA-176/141 20m3 2016 Vacuums all the “sawdust” generated by the usual tasks
  • HORIZONTAL SECTIONING MACHINE SCM SIGMA IMPACT 2016 Cutting boards large in smaller formats (by computer)
  • KITCHEN DESIGN PROGRAM – RALID.VIRT. TEOWIN Kitchen design to design and show the new kitchen in virtual reality



Over the years the actual owners have consolidated the company to achieve its strong position in the market.

They proceeded to a strategic development of growth and business diversification that allowed them significantly to change the direction of the company, making it a benchmark in the sector, ready to expand all over Andalusia.

They justify the project and base the motivation on objective reasons

  • Sector of activity in growth, in an acceleration phase to improve the economy.
  • Outstanding strong point in the recognition of the professionalism and quality of

service they always provided.

  • Based on a proven easy to follow computerized work process and set work protocol.
  • From reception of the order to production and finally to logistics

The company, in addition to various common technical facilities, uses machinery with sophisticated features, guided by computerized systems for the sectioning of the material to be used, resulting in an adequate optimization of the raw material to avoid wastage difficult to reuse in other orders.


The actual owners are third generation and decided to sell this utmost professional company.

For the price of 5.470.000 euro including FULL PROPERTY – 3 Buildings with total surface of 2150m2 built on prime location.

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