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21126 Hotel 30 Rooms+ large 3bed Apartment and conditioned Banquet Hall - Northern Spain - Asturias



Located in a paradisiacal area of Asturias, this hotel offers a pleasant environment to spend some magnificent days in the heart of nature as well as an incredible place to celebrate a great day. Its large restaurant offers incomparable quality and comfort.

This Hotel features a total of 30 rooms and a large 3 bed apartment to be used either for holiday rentals or for owner´s-residence.

It features also large events rooms with separate kitchen and a fully installed dancing hall.

The whole property is surrounded by mature gardens and a large parking lot.


The principality of Asturias is one of the seventeen autonomous regions of Spain and is located in the northwest of the country, between the Cantabrian Mountains and the Cantabrian Sea, between the regions of Galicia and Cantabria. In the south Asturias borders Castile and León.

The Hotel – Restaurant is situated on the banks of the Luiña river, just 1 km. from the Villa de Cangas del Narcea, Asturias. It is an ideal place to rest, make excursions to both the Muniellos Biosphere Reserve and the Fuentes del Narcea Reserve, practice sports in nature such as skiing (they are one step away from the Leitariegos ski resort), fishing trout and hunting, horse riding, canoeing; and it does not require large trips to visit the coast, beaches and fishing villages of western Asturias

Its location is ideal for excursions and sport activities, only

  • 35 kilometers from the Leitariegos winter resort (with active practice of sky and other winter sports),
  • 25 kilometers from the so-called “Monte de Muniellos” (Natural Reserve of the Biosphere), 3.5 kilometers from the Parador Nacional de Turismo de Corias,
  • 10 kilometers from the well-known Sanctuary of the Virgen del Acebo (end of the stage on several occasions of the Vuelta Ciclista a España),
  • 30 kilometers from the town of Tineo, through which the Camino de Santiago Norte Primitivo runs, in its pass-through Asturias.


The nearby Parador de Turismo (Parador del Monasterio de Corias), various mountains and forests of great interest and especially the Natural Reserve of the Biosphere known as BOSQUE DE MUNIELLOS, Observatory of the Brown Bear attract lots of visitors,

  • national tourists -from Madrid, Valencia, Catalonia, etc.-
  • as well as foreign citizens -especially French and British citizens- who arrive by ferry that connects them with the city of Santander.
  • many of them make routes on their own and some of them will follow the Camino de Santiago (Camino Primitivo del Norte) and lodge in the town of Cangas del Narcea.


Due to the beauty of its meadows and mountains the area is an ideal environment for

  • mountain biking,
  • hiking
  • bear watching,
  • spotting wolves and other wild species.
  • hunting is also important, given the abundance of partridges, deer, wild boars, etc.
  • visiting the typical small villages
  • wine tasting as the area counts with the two most important vineyards of Asturias, producing under the DOP name “Vino de la Tierra de Cangas”


The hotel is situated is about 80 meters from the road that connects Cangas del Narcea with the Port of Leitariegos (which separates Asturias from León), very close to the Luiña river and the well-known as “Paseo del Vino”, connecting the historic center of Cangas del Narcea with the main wineries in the area.

The hotel complex consists of two buildings:

Hotel building featuring a bar-cafeteria, a lounge-restaurant, a large room for events and 24 rooms, two of which are superior or Premium category.

  • It consists of a ground floor (bar and restaurant),
  • mezzanine floor (with more dining room-restaurant),
  • first floor with 11 double rooms with private bathroom and a communal lounge
  • second floor with 11 rooms with private bathroom
  • and third floor (attic) 2 rooms Premium)

 Venue building is intended mainly for organization of Events such as Weddings, Family and          Corporate gatherings

  • a basement-floor garage and warehouse.
  • ground floor or street level for a dance-disco room
  • first floor as wedding/events hall for 400 people and industrial kitchen
  • second floor 6 double rooms with private bathroom
  • and third floor consists of a tourist apartment with 3 double bedrooms, with kitchen, living room and bathrooms.


All rooms have a private bathroom, central heating, a wardrobe, television and bedside tables. Most have views to the mountains.

The complex features plenty of parking space and is surrounded by lush gardens only 80 meters from the main road, very close to the Luiña river.


On the ground floor of the Hotel-Building there is a bar-restaurant with elegant terrace where visitors can enjoy the gastronomy of Asturias. Dedicated to regional food, with a careful service where one can taste all the tradition of Asturian cuisine, their specialty is red meat, wild boar or game dishes and local cheeses.


The two buildings hold a construction and tourist activity license for more than 30 years. Both buildings have been renovated 12 years ago.-

The hotel has 1 star, since by a few centimeters of difference, some of the bathrooms do not reach the required measure in the Principality of Asturias to obtain the category of 2 stars.


Actual there is a staff of 5 fixed members. Can be extended when events are hold.


The hotel features a large room that is fully conditioned to be used as disco or event/ dancing hall

It equally owns an important annexed land on which would allow the installation of activities such as a mini golf , swimming pool, tennis courts etc.


The hotel offers the possibility of arranging horse rides and guided visits to the rural environment in which it is immersed.


The complex advertises on

  • main social networks (Facebook, instagram, watsapp)
  • and on major booking sites such as
  • collaborates with the main travel agencies in Spain.

The hotel complex also runs its own web pages


  • The majority is national tourism, especially in the summer season or

on weekends (bikers and organizers of bicycle routes, hiking) as well as the commissioning of events (conferences, weddings, and other celebrations).

  • In recent years it receives frequently a clientele of foreign origin, mainly French and Dutch citizens (mostly bikers) and especially citizens of British origin, given the ease they have for years to access from the British Isles to Spain, via Ferry that connects with Santander as well as direct flights from London to Asturias airport (which is 70 kilometers from Cangas del Narcea),



The complex organizes an average of 19 weddings a year, as well as baptisms, first communion celebrations and corporate events.



Attracting international clients, who are not only looking for the classical “sun and beaches” but are keen to know the “Green Spain” – Asturias is known in Europe as the “Switzerland” of northern Spain. Targeting on middle-aged tourist with a medium-high income level.


This large complex of with extensive wedding venue and lush gardens is on the market for

2.145.000 euro FREEHOLD – Including Full Property

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