Manufacturer of Coated steel products – Northern Spain

Manufacturer of Coated steel products – Northern Spain


This successful family business was founded by the “Pater Familias” in 2010.

A Specialized Metal Lacquering Plant for third parties aiming at highly diversified industrial clients was born.

The corporation managed to experience constant growth resulting in steady expansion over the years.

In 2019, a separate plant was set up for a new vitrified ceramic coating process, and in 2020 the innovative activity of a stripping process focused on the automotive sector was also started.


They are situated in Pontevedra, a Galician city in the north-west of the Iberian Peninsula. It is the capital of both the Comarca (County) and Province of Pontevedra, and of the Rias Baixas in Galicia. It is also the capital of its own municipality which is, in fact, often considered as an extension of the actual city.

The city is best known for its urban planning, the charm of its old town with many areas for the use of pedestrians only. In recent years, it has been awarded several international awards for its urban quality and quality of life, its accessibility and urban mobility policy.

Pontevedra is well-connected by road and rail. A good network of roads and freeways efficiently connects Pontevedra with the other Galician cities, also with Portugal (55 km to the south), and inland (100 km to the eastern city of Ourense). It is also just 900 km away from France.

Pontevedra has traditionally been a trading city. In the Middle Ages, guilds thrived in the old town, giving name to streets and squares still preserved today. At that time Pontevedra was the main Galician port, providing for a very intense fishing and sea-trading activity.

Currently, the tertiary sector employs 65 per cent of the population, while industry employs 17 per cent. Tourism is increasing, with visitors coming mostly from Spain and Portugal.


This business started its lacquering activity in 2010 in a rented warehouse installed with second hand machinery. In 2015 they bought and moved to a brand-new building with state-of-the-art machinery. In 2018, a new production line was invested for a new vitrified process (Ceramic Coating). In 2019 and 2020, the billing of this new process accounted for 20% of the total turnover. This process is expected to increase the billing by 10/15% per year.


The warehouse has 4.000M2, divided into two warehouses, one of 2.200 M2 and the other of 1.800 M2 attached but independent of each other, on a plot of 7000M2. This industrial building is fully owned by the corporation.


  • Weekly lacquering program in standard colors.
  • Lacquered in Epoxy and Polyester Quality.
  • Lacquered RAL chart colors in their different gloss categories: Matte, Satin and Glossy
  • Special finishes: metallic, textured, embossed, speckled, sablé, forging, transparent, anticaloric, high thickness gummed, rilsanized, acid resistant coatings, high thickness thermoplastic coatings, electrical insulating coatings, photocatalytic coatings, retroreflective, photoluminescent, anti-graffiti…
  • Anticorrosive coatings.
  • Chemical Treatment: degreasing, phosphating, rinsing and application of nanotechnology.
  • Custom packaging.



Anticaloric: designed for use in metallic elements subjected to prolonged exposure to high temperatures, from 200ºC to 600ºC. For indoor and outdoor use.

High thickness gumming: possibility of thicknesses up to 600 microns. High corrosion and wear protection, flexible, impact and weather resistant.

Rilsanized: Non-stick coating with high protection against corrosion and friction wear. High resistance to aging, it is not affected by sunlight or the elements, including the sea, as well as a large number of chemicals. Certification of sanitary and food use.

Acid Resistant Coatings – Specially designed for application on battery holders and power backup systems.

High build thermoplastic coatings: powder coatings based on high performance polymer alloys. Maximum protection of metallic structures against corrosion, wear and chemical attack. 200 to 800 microns.

Electrical insulating coatings: for application in electrical panels and components that require it due to their utility.


Photocatalytic coatings: titanium dioxide coating to neutralize NOx (nitrogen oxides), with decontamination capacity of the elements in which it is applied, reducing the content of microorganisms or organic matter, generating a self-cleaning effect.

Retroreflective: coating that gives the surface on which it is applied the property of reflecting light towards the light source, regardless of its angle of incidence.

Photoluminescent: coating that acts in the absence of light, for all signage intended to locate firefighting elements, escape routes and emergency exits.

Anti-graffiti: specially designed to protect coated objects from acts of vandalism, such as graffiti made with aerosols and / or markers, since it allows them to be cleaned with commonly used solvents without degrading the coating.

Anticorrosive coatings: surface treatment in accordance with the UNE-EN ISO 12944 standard for categories C3, C4 and C5 using monolayer or duplex treatments.

Duplex Coatings: anti-corrosion protection by combining metallic and organic coatings to improve anti-corrosion protection and obtain a better finish.


  • Automotive: the company has all kinds of colors, application of special coatings, flexible and resistant to impacts and battery acids.
  • Domestic: bed bases, table structures, doors, blinds, frames, …
  • Food / Hospital: trolleys, cutting rooms, hospital grip handles, handrails, frames, …
  • Construction and urban furniture: lampposts, benches, bins, signage, sports facilities, …
  • Naval / Industry: winches, partition panels, doors, chains, handrails, both in aluminum and steel, using duplex treatments.
  • Restoration: restoration of all kinds of metal parts, from garden lamps, railings, sewing machines, … to motorcycle and car parts.


In this company they take care of the entire process, from the reception of the material to its delivery. They firmly believe in the quality of their products and their greatest challenge is to achieve it with the least possible environmental impact. They are committed to the environment and for this they use respectful technology.

  1. ISO 9001
  2. E 411
  3. Plimsoll certificate.(imagen1)


Regarding the personnel structure, there are 11 permanent operators + 9 temporary ones and 1 Administrative.


This firm specialized in TREATMENT OF METAL SURFACES THROUGH LACQUERING AND VITRIFIED, has the permanent objective of offering the highest quality to their clients.

The purpose of continuous improvement, implementation and maintenance of the Quality Management System is to comply with the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard, the client’s needs and the operational requirements of this business.

The effectiveness of the Quality Management System is evaluated to detect negative aspects that may affect their service, clients, staff and other interested parties. The risks and opportunities are determined and evaluated, taking into account the context and the strategic direction of the company, that may affect the provision of an adequate service in accordance with the requirements of their clients.

Above all, they intend to be a company that ensures the control and improvement of their processes seeking the satisfaction of their customers, since a satisfied customer allows growth and expansion at all levels of their organization.


This successful company with solid reputation achieved a turnover of 1.900.000 euros in 2020

With an EBITDA of 23%


As the current owner has come of age to experience a quieter lifestyle he decided to list his business for :

1) 3.320.000 euros including all machines, installations and licenses BUT WITHOUT the PROPERTY In this case the 4.000 m2 building can be rented at 11.000 euros / month


2) 5.295.000 euros INCLUDING the full ownership of 4.000 m2 of industrial building

Specialist in lacquering & special coatings on metal structures – Northern Spain

Specialist in lacquering & special coatings on metal structures – Northern Spain


This company unites seriousness and commitment to a job well done, by having qualified personnel for this, the necessary technology and infrastructures that allow them to offer answers to each and every one of its clients by adapting to the challenges of an increasingly demanding and competitive market.

They are committed to innovation and the constant improvement of their systems and processes, by offering a comprehensive and personalized service. In their facilities they have a state-of-the-art production line where the parts are prepared to be lacquered and pre-treated. Thereafter, they are  lacquered and cured without intermediate handling.

Quality and professionalism are their best guarantee.



The actual owner bought this company in 2014 in a bad situation, but they were able to restructure and invest in new machinery. Now everything is going fabulously.

Thanks to the annual increase in turnover, the company now owns an industrial building of more than 4,000 m2 fully equipped to the highest production standards and up to date machinery.



Ourense is the city and capital of the homonymous province/autonomous community of Galicia, northwestern Spain. It is on the Portuguese Way path of Camino de Santiago, and is crossed by the Miño, Barbaña, Loña and Barbañica rivers. It is also just 900 km away from France.

The economy in the city of Ourense is marked by a predominance of service sector, the city has the largest shopping and leisure in the province, and administrative services (Xunta delegation, central and provincial government offices), educational (campus of the University of Vigo) and health (Ourense Hospital Complex) of reference. Construction industry is also important (Copasa, one of the biggest Galician construction companies, has its headquarters in the city).

Ourense is a well-known producer of European chestnuts (Castanea sativa).



The industrial building has 4.000M2 built on a plot of 6.000m2 situated on a large Industrial Park in the area. Their offices have a surface of 150M2. A big part of the machinery was renewed between 2017 and 2019.


Regarding the personnel structure, there are 2 Technicians (Responsible for Production and Quality R. Engineers), 1 Accountant, 1 Administrative, 1 Auxiliary quality technician, 1 truck driver, 1 van driver, 10 workers.



They hold one of the most advanced plants in treatment and lacquering of metal surfaces.

For immersion treatments they have 10 large tanks that allow them to treat iron and aluminum independently. In the case of aluminum, they perform a previous degreasing of the surface, followed by a chrome treatment, in which a surface layer is created that increases adhesion and minimizes the risks of corrosion. For iron, the surface is degreased and phosphate.

For the lacquering of the material they have a quick-change automatic painting booth equipped with 20 guns on both sides, which are in charge of injecting and fixing the powder paint on the surface by electrodeposition, as well as an oven  9.0 m long, 3.50 m high, and 0.70 m wide with a capacity per frame of 500 kg. For the treatment of large pieces they have a 3.0 m long, 2.1 m high and 2.0 m wide static oven fitted with its corresponding painting equipment.




  1. Lacquered on Aluminum

For the treatment of aluminum (qualicoat certification), a chemical pretreatment is carried out by immersion in tanks each with a capacity of 40.000 liters and consists of 5 stages.

Once the material has passed through the different treatment tanks it is ready to apply the powder paint. All their paints have the Qualicoat certificate, as well as all the other chemical products used in the immersion tanks.

  1. Lacquered on Steel

Spray treatment of steel (with qualisteelcoat certification).

In this process line they have a spray washing tunnel for washing steel parts, which is equipped with a continuous conveyor for hanging the parts to be treated. The cleaning action is carried out in 3 stages by spraying chemicals and water under pressure (1.0-1.5 kg) from a tank containing a solution and which, through a conduction system, projected through nozzles, reaches the metal. This treatment consists of 4 stages:


  1. Colors and finishing touches

In this business they offer their clients a wide variety of finishes; RAL chart colors or specific finishes such as embossed, metallic, textured, varnish …

  1. Special coatings

They have a wide range of special coatings, offering the most appropriate to the needs of each client. Among others the most requested:

  • Anticorrosive
  • Plastisolado
  • Photoluminescent
  • Anticaloric
  • Acid resistant
  • Antigraffiti
  1. Lacquered RAL chart colors in different gloss categories: matt, satin and glossy.
  2. Delivery and collection

In order to offer a comprehensive service to their clients, they provide a collection and delivery service. Also, custom packaging on demand.



Thanks to the wide range of different finishes and the specialization of their lacquering and treatment lines, they provide lacquering and coating services for all kinds of serving sectors such as automotive, food-hospital, decoration, construction and urban, naval, furniture, industrial or restoration.

One of its most loyal clients are INDITEX with all its stores such as ZARA, Pull and Bear, Massimo Dutti, Bershka, Stradivarius, Oysho, Zara Home and Uterqüe)



In this company they take care of the entire process, from the reception of the material to its delivery. They firmly believe in the quality of their products and their greatest challenge is to achieve it with the least possible environmental impact. They are committed to the environment and for this they use respectful technology.

  • Qualicoat
  • ISO 9001
  • E 411



Thanks to the highly professional products and services, this company has built an indisputable reputation. Because of that they have reached an annual turnover of approximately 1.100.000 euros.


Due to future retirement, this full installed company with all official permits and quality control certificates is on the market for

2.989.000 euro INCLUDED FULL PROPERTY of the impressive modern premises on a plot of 6.000 m2 and a new building of 4.000 m2

Manufacturer of recyclable plastic and recycled polymers & engineering- North Spain Burgos

Manufacturer of recyclable plastic and recycled polymers & engineering- North Spain Burgos


This business was born in 2011 and realizes a steady and annual growth of around 15-20%.

As a company associated with a clear environmental work, their first profile is to be a service company to solve the problems of Polymer Transformation.

It has two main activities:

  • Waste management. For this activity it holds the appropriate licenses of Non-hazardous waste manager, or final manager.
  • Second activity as a Plastic reclaimer. Although it also has a license for the management and treatment of cardboard and wood.

On the other hand, in order to optimize customer service, it should also be noted that – in addition to offer recycled plastic products – the company does trading, which represents a significant volume of sales.



What is plastic? Where is it used? Is it recycled?

A study published by APME (Association of European plastic manufacturers) reveals that chemical recycling and energy recovery favors the improvement of this material. This process benefits the environment.



This firm was founded by a couple of entrepreneurs, starting in a 500 m2 warehouse becoming too small in 3 years, so they decided to move to the current one.

The staff structure has also grown by two other employees, one for the plant and the other for offices.

They have grown exponentially for several years, and despite the current situation, they continue to grow around 15-20% pro year. One of the reasons being that they sell various of their products under different brands.



Advantages for export they are located in a large city, 250 km from Madrid, and the same distance from France.

Burgos is a city of Spain located in the autonomous community of Castile and León. It is the capital and most populated municipality of the province of Burgos. Burgos is a rich city, with a GDP above the Spain average. It is an important trade and tourist center with some manufacturing. Burgos is a very industrial city, with a secondary sector widely developed.

The city has the biggest industrial park of north Spain, called Villalonquéjar and is the headquarters of Grupo Antolin, designer and manufacturer of interior automotive components. It is also the headquarters for south Europe Benteler International.

It employs the bigger percentage in the city and is represented by the public sector (production, delivery and allocation of goods and services), due to the capital status.



The company is located on the main industrial park of the city of Burgos. The excellent geographical location of their facilities allows them to be more competitive.

Their facilities are housed in a large industrial warehouse and feature the latest technology.

In addition to the industrial area, they have a large office where they develop the technical part of the projects.

The surface of the property where the activity is carried out has about 1,000 m2 between the factory and the office, it also has a fenced backyard of approximately 300 m2, and an open front patio for parking spaces and accesses.

These premises are rented at 1.200 euro/month.



The company offers a wide range of products that covers practically all plastics called “Commodities” and different technical plastics they specialized in.

Due to their excellent human team and the fact that they have fully updated facilities, they can offer a very competitive service at the level of transformation and distribution of plastic material, as well as developing services at engineering level.

For this reason, the company is at the technological forefront, carrying out different projects by offering comprehensive coverage in polymer transformation, always characterized by having an open dialogue with the client. In this way, they can provide the service that their clients expect and meet their needs.

They have the entire wide range of materials and applications for injection and extrusion.

They have two lines of business …

  1. Waste management: as a collector they value plastic waste among others. They also offer parts destruction services
  2. Marketing of plastic raw materials.

Some of their products :

  1. Blow of P.E.T

Their manufacture preforms molds and blow molds for different sectors. They have machines for up to 4,000 bottles per hour.

They customize the bottle, offering the entire assembly line. Turnkey Project

  1. Sequential injection

They have different software to calculate the final piece.

Door panel injected in high fluidity polypropylene, with sequential injection. Simulation of part filling, hot runner and cooling circuit. Cycle time approx. 52 seconds.


  1. Replacement of metal part for plastic.

Special calculation software, to replace a Zamak casting with Polyamide with 50% Fiberglass.

As a result, 30% savings in manufacturing costs and 20% in weight.



From the minimum container for the pharmaceutical sector, to the industrial drum or the largest deposit.

They have the appropriate material and machinery for each project.


  1. Carbon fiber

They have a wide range of Conductive materials, based on carbon black, carbon fiber, steel fibers and nano fibers.

They can compose a material on demand, depending on the degree of conductivity desired. And much more.


  • Their objective is to be present in multiple projects of the different sectors, so that clients rely on them when selecting a material, from the beginning of the idea.
  • The products offered by this manufacturer respond to a wide spectrum of industrial sectors through the distribution of MATERIAL that covers the most demanding quality standards.
  • The company wishes in the future to be a benchmark for the transformer, in the Sale and Distribution of Machinery, Peripheral equipment and Materials, providing comprehensive coverage in the transformation of polymers. Distinguishing thus, from a simple commercial.



Quality, management certifications or specific licenses awarded by public administrations, both at the regional level of Castilla y Leon (GRNP licenses) and the opening license/environmental license at the municipal level.

Waste manager licenses and their transport obtained (This type of licenses gives an added value to the company due to its difficulty and cost at present when obtaining them.)


The organizational structure of the company and its main managers (General Manager, Financial Department, Commercial Department, Technical Department, etc.)

They are a direct structure of four workers, with an indirect structure of three commercials in different areas of Spain.

Commercial Freelance are three people, distributed by zones or geographic areas:

  • North Zone
  • Centre
  • South Zone



Technical plastics. Given the breadth and diversity of this market, the company adapts to the different needs of customers from all sectors and industrial fields through a wide portfolio of products (Polyamides, Polypropylenes, ABS, Acetal resins, Blends …) and a large versatility to respond to any type of demand.

Its scope of action covers broad industrial sectors such as the automotive, electrical and electronic sectors, the household appliance sector, etc.

Clients are diversified by sector and zone, as they have clients that are from the automotive sector, in the Navarra, Cateilla Y Leon, or Galicia areas.

They have clients from the construction sector in the central or southern areas, and clients from the industrial sector very widely distributed throughout Spain and some in Portugal.



The Research of new, lighter and more resistant materials in development/industrialization processes plays an important role in improving their clients’ projects, in terms of quality, safety, cost reduction and respect for the environment.

With the aim of providing technological support in these materials to companies in the different sectors of Injection, Extrusion and Blowing.

It has strengthened lines of specialization in:

  • Development of new plastic materials and their transformation processes.
  • Distribution and sale of Technologies and tools for production processes, machinery, peripherals and work lines, complete for the transformation and recovery of material.
  • Aspect related to the environment, adapted, Ecodesign, replacement of metals by plastic, plastics with different degrees of conductivity, wood fibers, etc.

Also works in advanced lines of Research, Development and Innovation, aimed at responding to the development and commercial needs of builders and manufacturers of systems, components and machinery. Offering complete advice on Mold Design, thus closing the production cycle.

All this from a global user-oriented perspective.



As an Engineering company dedicated to plastics, it puts all its experience and capabilities available to companies in the plastics sector to advise, develop and market their products (raw materials, machinery and peripherals), working together between suppliers and customers.
In the future this company aims to be a benchmark for the transformer, in the Sale and Distribution of Machinery, Peripheral equipment and Materials, providing comprehensive coverage in polymer transformation. Thus distinguishing from simple commercial activities.

In polymer transformation, research, development and innovation are essential. They are the necessary tools to ensure the competitiveness of a company and its presence in the markets.

Technological improvements are quickly incorporated into new projects in the form of new applications, or into processes in the form of new means of production.

This business makes its resources, capabilities and know-how available to plastics transforming companies in order to reinforce their R & D & I activity, whether for new products, new processes or through existing reengineering.

It has the capacity, knowledge and experience to work in any technical area, production process or sector of the Plastics industry, offering the client complete advice when choosing a machine, robot, material, etc.

It offers the possibility of taking charge from the management of the global project as well as being a development partner.

At the same time, it has defined its own lines of research, seeking to anticipate the needs of the market and offer a better service to its Clients.

Commercial and Marketing Plan

Sales are highly diversified by material or sector individually, therefore they do not depend only on the automotive sector, or the construction sector, or the electrical sector, or household or industrial, but as indicated their clientele is  very diversified. Projects and volumes are increasing.

They also have a Waste Management activity, which undoubtedly gives them some growth as regulations are increasingly demanding with producers, so in some way they also benefit.

Of course, they have a Product Catalog, or presentations, as well as technical sheets of the products that they manufacture and sell.

 Online presence

Their business is online, but orders do not enter through the web, they are treated individually or by project. In other words, the same product can have a different price depending on the volume of purchase or point of destination.


Future strategy

To date, growth has been exponential. And although during 2020 the situation has changed, they have continued to make benefits.

The growth is based on the commercial network and the constant demand of companies and sectors that are looking for recycled polymers.



Thanks to the steady stream of professional customers and the low permanent staff costs, this company manages to achieve an annual turnover of around 300,000 euros with a nice profit margin.

This turnover increases annually by 20%, mainly due to the fact that recycling is regulated more and more strictly by European Regulations.


Due to personal issues, this highly professional company fully installed, with great future perspective and holding all official recycling permits is on the market for the price of

697.500 euro Premises are rented at 1.200 euro/month

Cold Storage and Distribution Company – Northern Spain

Cold Storage and Distribution Company – Northern Spain


This company is dedicated to the conservation of fresh and frozen products. Due to the lack of this type of services in the area it counts with numerous corporate clients. Over the years they renew, modified and modernized their facilities.

Now they operate with several warehouses ready for storage of all kinds of fresh/frozen products and merchandise.

The company freezes and deep-freezes various goods and stores them in cold storage rooms. Some of the goods that are stored in the cold rooms are fishes like mackerel and tuna, dairy, and meat. In addition, this company also features dry storage facilities.


The company was founded in 1980 in Northern Spain, with a select location and proximity to fishing ports and highways. The company is situated in the province of Lugo.

It started its activities with a focus on growing shellfish in the nearby towns of Ría del Eo (Lugo) and in Paderne (La Coruña).

Within a few years, the company made a strategic investment to expand its activities to become a cold storage business for third parties. Today, the company freezes and deep-freezes various goods and stores them in cold storage rooms.

Some of the goods in the cold rooms are fishes like mackerel and tuna, dairy, and meat. In addition, they also offer dry storage facilities.

The current facilities were renovated and expanded in 2002 to improve the production process and reduce production costs.

The expansion project consisted of the rehabilitation of the main warehouse, which is 1.800 square meters and where the refrigeration facilities are located.

They acquired adjacent property to build new office space.


This company is located in Galicia, which is an autonomous community in Northwest of  Spain,  a region with abundant vegetation and large coastline on the Atlantic. The cathedral of the regional capital Santiago de Compostela is the supposed place where the remains of the Apostle Santiago el Mayor are preserved. It is a favorite destination for those who undertake a pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago. The western cliffs of Cape Finisterre were considered by the Romans as the end of the known world.

The Atlantic Coast is known for excellent fish and shellfish products which are shipped all over the Spanish territory and even abroad.

In this community, the fishing season occupies the spring and part of the summer. In fact, being a place known and recognized for this activity, the beginning of the season has a date and celebration (with its corresponding regulations modified annually). This usually occurs around mid – March. The season usually ends during the month of July, although it is not a closed date.

It is obvious that many fishing businesses are located in the area all in need of cooling and freezing chambers as offered by this company.


  1. Cold storage facilities and loading & unloading area. There are five cold storage rooms and a freezing tunnel. The distribution of the storage rooms and their capacity are as follows: Cold storage rooms #1, #2, and #3 have a capacity of 300 pallets. Cold storage room #4 has a capacity of 180 pallets. Cold storage room #5 has a capacity of 500 pallets. The freezing tunnel can freeze 40.000 kilos every 12 hours. The company has three forklifts to carry and move the pallets. The loading area is also equipped with a scale to weigh the goods


  1. Machinery room:


The machinery room includes three Maycom machines, which can operate independently of each other. Weighbridge & Large parking Lot & Loading and unloading area


  1. Office Space

In this building there is a director’s office with its own private bathroom; an office for the office personal; a studio apartment; and a locker room that can be used by the employees when they work long or night shifts.

  1. Warehouses

These two buildings are available to store goods.


* Cold Storage

freezing, ultra freezing  and cold storage for third parties . all kind of products

* Storage

They offer storage facilities in their 2000 tons capacity warehouses

* Manipulation & Distribution of (fresh)goods

They also manipulate and distribute all kind of fresh goods by their highly trained staff


Mainly all the companies – mainly wholesalers- based in and around this company specialized in fish /shellfish products.


The company has grown due to the greater demand for fishery products.

This is due to the fact that the consume of “blue fish “ is in rising demand for its healthy levels of Omega 3, known for reducing cholesterol.

As demand grows, production need to follow as well as the need to freeze and process the fresh products.

Opening larger consumer markets is a reason why this sector will grow in the following years.


This highly profitable company reached a 2019 turnover of 550.000 euro with an EBITDA of 40 % !!!!!!!!!

This is the result of very low overhead costs, only 2 full time operators.

During high season they can count on 10 á 15 temporal operators.



Due to health issues the actual owner is in need for quick sale, listing this highly profitable company at the very interesting price of

2.989.000 euro including FREEHOLD – full ownership of the PREMISES.*

* Recent estimation report of the naked property only (without installation and commercial activity) shows an asset/premises value of 2.663.556,34 euro.


Timber Wholesaler & Production of wood constructions- Malaga

Timber Wholesaler & Production of wood constructions- Malaga


This company is a family-owned business, dedicated to the design, production and sale of wooden structures and houses, furniture and accessories.

Sale of hardware accessories and materials. Manufacture and sale of pellets.

They are also timber wholesalers with a loyal clientele of construction companies and interior design companies offering a wide variety of different types of wood.

In recent years, the company has specialized and has managed to give a new vision to the concept of traditional wooden beach bar.


The wood company’s inception in 1981 was born as a family business located in Malaga, Andalusia (Spain) with the fundamental mission of transforming this noble and natural raw material.

Since then, it has not given up on its main mission and task: to provide the best solutions to its customers, to use the most innovative techniques, to use materials with the highest quality and respect for the environment.

In recent years, the company has specialized and has managed to give a new vision to the concept of traditional wooden beach bar, offering the customer totally customized designs that make this type of construction unique.


This company is located in the Province of Malaga part of the Autonomous community of Andalusia. It is located about 33 km west of the provincial capital and about 30 km north of Marbella. The region is known for its sunshine all year round, its beautiful beaches and dramatic scenery.

Over the years the Costa del Sol has become the ideal destination for upscale travelers and permanent residents.

Traditional “chiringuitos” (simple wood construction used as beach bar/restaurant) have made way for sophisticated beach restaurants featuring oriental design with luxurious “Bali – sun beds”, wooden decking, wooden ornaments, elegant tables and chairs  and comfortable lounge furniture.


Currently, the company has three business lines:

Exterior and / or modular carpentry, a DIY or rough wood whole sales center, and custom traditional carpentry.


Below we list the products of this company:

  1. Beach bars and kiosks. They are specialists in the design and construction of custom wooden bars with all the necessary equipment.
  2. They are a lumberyard in Malaga where the (professional) client can find a large selection of varieties with a wide range of sections and sizes to carry out all kinds of projects, from furniture to constructions. In addition, they have a large workshop where they can provide the client with cut-outs or wood custom cuts, a service that can be hired by consulting a counter at the time of creating the budget.
  3. Wooden modules. The company has in-house specialists for the construction of prefabricated wooden modules suitable for various uses. They are characterized by their durability by using the best materials for the most demanding environments, as well as by their flexibility, as they can be fully customized, fully adapting to the client’s needs.
  4. They have a wide variety of pergolas built to the lengths of their more than 40 years of experience in the sector.
  5. Wooden houses: They are specialists in the design and construction of wooden houses. The company has three lines within their section of wooden houses, each one focused on different needs of the clients in terms of complexity, versatility and costs: prefabricated wooden houses, Traditional wooden houses and mobile homes or on wheels.
  6. Wooden urban furniture: Their wooden urban furniture is characterized by its design and durability, always taking care of the choice of materials to obtain the best performance in the most demanding climates.


They are mainly present on the entire Mediterranean coast, especially the Valencian Community, and on the Andalusian coast, as well as in the Balearic Islands.


They have 4 registered trademarks.


Most of their clients reach out to this company to provide wood for hotels, golf courses, beach bars, hospitality service etc.  A total of 44 percent of the clientele need their services for public administrations and the rest of the clients are private businesses.


They are situated in an extremely modern building, located on the Costa del Sol (Malaga), on a total of 6.000 m2 rented at 15000 euro/month.

It features separate office units, storage and a fully equipped manufacturing unit.

Currently, the company counts with 20staff members.


A side from the regular licenses owned by this kind of companies, they self-regulate to reach the highest level possible in customer satisfaction and respect for the environment. This company declares itself committed to the quality of the products and services offered, with the efficiency and punctuality and with the fulfillment of the legal requirements and other requirements regarding the provision of customer service and respect for the environment.


They own 3 quality certifications:

ISO 9001

ISO 14000

PE FC – Chain of Custody Certification, as a guarantee of Sustainable Forest Management

in forests around the world that, through the timber industry, reaches the consumer final.


No wonder this extremely successful and diversified company reaches a turnover of around 3.000.000 euro even during difficult “Covid times”.


Due to retirement age this very profitably company is on the market for

6.600.000 euros LEASEHOLD. Premises are rented at 15.000 euro/month.

Assets in place for over 3.000.000 euros and interesting EBITDA.

Professional Industrial distribution of refrigeration material- Southern Spain

Professional Industrial distribution of refrigeration material- Southern Spain


This business is a national company dedicated to the distribution of refrigeration material. Founded in Almería in 1987 at the hands of a renowned businessman and industrial master with a long history in the cold industry. At first, the company began with the distribution of refrigerant gases to gradually expand its range of specific materials in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning such as insulation, refrigeration pipes, accessories, ventilation, as well as tools and other spare parts for the cold in general. Today the company is the absolute leader for professionals in the field of refrigerant gases and refrigeration materials.



The company was born in 1987 in South Spain. During 1988 it also began its expansion in Seville, making it the company’s headquarters. In 1997 the Barcelona Delegation was opened, in 2001 another one opened in Madrid, in 2002 a third one in Alicante and finally in 2004 in Valencia. Currently, the company’s staff is made out off 22 people.



The headquarters and central warehouse are situated in Seville and for now they have delegations in Madrid and Almeria. All of their establishments are well connected to strategically important highways.



The business has its central warehouse in Seville, this site is intended for the storage and wholesale of materials for the installation, repair and maintenance of equipment for professionals, such as grids, insulation materials, copper tube refrigerators, tools and other spare parts for the refrigeration industry.

The company offers a comprehensive response nationwide through every of its delegations towards the world of industrial cold and air conditioning, so that any professional related to the sector can find everything he need during his daily work in his own region, without having to travel.



It has modern facilities in Seville with an area of ​​more than 8.000 m2 .
We can say that currently their refrigerant gas storage capacity places them among the two most important companies in Spain, with a total of 500 Tons distributed among the different tanks installed.

In this same enclosure, the company features a separate building for offices, comprising three floors with an area of ​​200 m2 each, hosting following departments:

*Directive and administrative area

*Showroom, where most of the materials are diplayed .

* Training room, a room with capacity for 100 people, equipped with the most modern technical and projection equipment.


The company distributes products for the Industrial Cold and Air Conditioning market with the best brands in the sector:

  • Daikin, Carrier, Acson
  • Armacell (Armaflex)
  • Gelpha, Bristol, Maneurop
  • Ursa Air (fiberglass, Glasco)
  • LU-Ve Contardo
  • Danfoss, Johnson Controls
  • CPS
  • Nicotra, Soler & Palau, ebm
  • Quintela, Temper Climate
  • Coolant gases from Arkema (Forane)
  • Sun Oil, Castolin

Exclusively for Spain:

  • Dixell, electronic controllers
  • Mastercool, tools
  • Silvercop, copper tubing.
  • Silver Air, air diffusion.



It has the exclusive distribution for Spain of leading companies in the world in their respective sectors such as: Dixell (Electronic controllers) MasterCool (Refrigerating tools).

In addition, they market and distribute two own REGISTERED brands


This highly professional company realizes a turnover of about 8.000.000 euro / year, with a very  interesting EBITDA.



Due to future retirement of the actual owner, this experienced and fully licensed company is on the market including :

know how, installations,stock, exclusivity agreements with providers, regular client’s database, client’s maintenance agreements, two own registered brands etc

at the price of  8.250.000 euro.

Rent premises at 10.900 euros/month

Manufacturer of plastic tubes and profiles- Toledo Province

Manufacturer of plastic tubes and profiles- Toledo Province


The main activity of this company is the manufacture of tubes and profiles of polyethylene and PVC in its different densities and versions, ranging from standard products to products manufactured for each specific customer need.

They have 13 manufacturing lines, which allows them a production capacity of more than 5.000 tons.

This company allocates its products mainly to the Industrial, Construction, Irrigation, Telecommunications, Gardening and Agriculture sectors.

They are also associated with the Technological Institute of Plastic.


This company was founded in 1994, which dedicates its activity to the manufacture and marketing of tubes, profiles and hoses, obtained by the transformation of plastics by extrusion. These products were destined for the construction market, sanitation, irrigation and industry. In 1998, they started the manufacture of monotubes, twin tubes and tributes in various measures for the channeling of fiber optics for telecommunications.

For the development of their activity, they have their own facilities of more than 15.000 m2, of which 7.500 m2 correspond to the industrial warehouse in which the manufacturing sectors, warehouse of raw materials and finished products, quality laboratory and Offices are installed.


This company is located on an industrial area in the province of Toledo. Through a network of modern highways it is very well-connected to either Portugal, France and  the port of Almeria which gives access to Africa (Morocco).


The articles manufactured by their industry are:

  • High and Low density polyethylene pipes for Sanitation, Construction, Irrigation, Ducts

For fiber optic cable, two-tube, three-tube, etc.

  • Special pipes in rigid and plasticized PVC, EVA copolymer, polyethylene for barrel installations in the brewing industry.
  • Irrigation hoses.
  • Profiles off plan.
  • Special tubes for industries.

These items are marketed nationally and internationally. Their facilities are located on a plot of 56.000 m2, of which 7.500 m2 are built.


For the development of their activity, they have their own facilities of more than 15000 m2, of which 7.500 m2 correspond to the industrial warehouse in which the manufacturing sectors, warehouse of raw materials and finished products, quality laboratory and Offices. Are installed. This Industrial warehouse consists of 7.000 m2 constructed area plus 150 m2 approx. of offices and control laboratory, changing rooms and toilets to which we must add another 7.000 m2 of patio asphalt for storage of finished products.


Their clients are national, European and international, although the market predominates national.

Among their clients are:

Leroy Merlin (Spain and Portugal), Important distributor supplying Leroy Merlin (France and Europe), Amazon, Comafe (Hardware store cooperative with more than 2,000 associates) Regarding large surfaces, telecommunications facilities companies (Cobra, Intelsa, Telice, Enyse, Lyteica, Sice, etc., plumbing and sanitation warehouses (San. J.L. Rodríguez, Coysa, S.Pereda, etc.) industries such as Vestas, Nordex, Enagas, Adif, etc.


A very loyal and professional staff of 18 workers and

  • Production Manager
  • Assistant to CEO

All are willing to stay.


They have been supplying for international projects such as Fiber Installation optics for the government of Senegal, Telecommunications network for Etecsa (Cuba), Installation Teleco in the United Kingdom, gas pipeline in Veracruz (Mexico), etc.


In this company they define Quality as the fulfillment and maintenance of the specifications throughout the entire manufacturing process of the product and to satisfy the expectations of their clients during the period of use of their products.

To achieve this, they understand fundamental the commitment to comply with the legal requirements and needs of their customers, as well as the implementation of a Quality Management System that allows them to manufacture a product with high performance and great reliability, guaranteed through an exhaustive component and process control.

The company guarantees the quality of its products through the certification of the Quality Assurance System, by AENOR, with a certificate number  and ISO-9001.

The technical characteristics of their products are determined by tests carried out in their Quality Control Laboratory.


The company owns his registered Brand.


This very successful company reaches  a turnover over 4.000.000 ( 4 million) Euro

with a 33 % EBITDA


Due to retirement age this Company is on the market for 7.700.000 ( 7,7  million)  euro

Rent Premises 7.100 euro/month

Metallurgic Factory dedicated machining parts, the assembly of machinery and sub- assemblies- Girona

Metallurgic Factory dedicated machining parts, the assembly of machinery and sub- assemblies- Girona


This metallurgic company was founded in 1982, and is dedicated to machining parts, the assembly of machinery and sub-assemblies, as well as mechanical welding.

Their production capacity enables them to specialize in the manufacture of unitary parts and small to medium series, and to adapt to the specific needs of their clients through the versatility of their machinery and the technical support they can offer.


This metallurgical company is located in the “Autonomous region of Catalonia”. The main activity is the construction of machinery in general, as well as the mechanization of parts both in conventional machines and in CNC machines as well as the manufacture of pieces in small and large series.

The products manufactured by this company have a wide potential market, from the aluminum industry, PVC, the furniture industry, etc. Reaching different national and international geographic markets. Additionally, it has developed its own products such as vertical warehouses with great potential.


Its facilities enjoy an excellent location as it is a few kilometers from the AP-7 motorway that connects Spain with France.


The company is based in a 1100m2 warehouse dedicated exclusively to the mechanization of pieces in small and medium series by means of conventional machines equipped with the highest technology as well as all kinds of CNC machinery.

Additionally, it has an 800m2 warehouse dedicated to mechanic welding, where all kinds of benches, metal structures, previously machined and welded parts, protections, etc. can be built.

Finally, it counts with another space of 500m2 dedicated to the assembly of interior design parts for the railway industry, as well as sets of parts or entire machines. The company owns the most modern machinery such as shears, folding machines and various other machinery to weld iron, aluminum, stainless steel.

It also counts on highly trained and experienced personnel that allow to manufacture all kinds of parts quickly and of high quality.


In addition to manufacturing and in full coordination the company can count on its own dedicated technical office with highly qualified professionals who are in charge of developing different projects. They own the most modern computer tools such as CAD as well as a specific CAD-CAM support to assist the own CNC machines.


Their technical office employs qualified and experienced professionals who can design and develop any type of project producing the blueprints that are required.

Using CAD and CAD-CAM programming to support CNC machinery. The continuous training of their staff provides them with the know-how for manufacturing both own parts as manufacturing tools.


They have a 1100 m2 warehouse exclusively devoted to parts machining in short to mid-length series using CNC and conventional machinery.


Autogenous welding with large bottles and cutting nozzle.


In order to ensure the quality of their work, the company counts on a specific department for the systematic control of their products. An area of 50m2 has been devoted solely to parts verification. This department is equipped with instruments that provide with complete quality assurance. Their measurement and calibration tools are certified by external laboratories and agencies recognized by ENAC (Spanish National AccreditationBody).

In 2011, the company implemented the ISO 9001 quality system, a standard that provides with an integrated management system to ensure the quality of their products and the ongoing improvement of their organization.


500m2 of their premises is specifically devoted to the assembly of units and sub-assemblies, as well as machines and their parts.

The professional team is highly trained in order to ensure the best results in machine and part assembly procedures.


With a total space of 4.000 m2 and depending on state-of the art equipment the team can perform highly specialized production processes.


Since 2011 the company has been recognized by ISO 9001, an international standard that certifies commitment to quality and continuous improvement. The quality policy covers the entire operation of the company and allows to ensure the quality of their products and services delivering products that meet the requirements of the client as well as the regulations that are applicable to the industry.

The team of welders has a new approval in welding of railway vehicles and components according to the EN 15085-2 standard.

Since 01/10/2018-They received approval and quality sign by the company TÜV Rheinlandgroup.


For more than 35 years, the company has offered its experience to numerous clients such as Comexi, Nexus, Ros Roca and Girbau, among many other nationals and foreigners.


After more than 30 years of activity, the company has established itself as a benchmark in the machining sector due to its commitment to develop high-quality parts and innovative solutions. This fact has allowed to successfully overcome the economic crisis of recent years. Without any doubt, it can be said that this company has emerged stronger within the sector and for almost two years it has been consolidating a notable increase in sales.


Due to retirement age this highly professional and successful manufacturer is offered at 2.369.000 euro including full property industrial premises over 4.000 m2

Important Production of Natural Stone with own Quarry – SPAIN

Important Production of Natural Stone with own Quarry – SPAIN


This company was founded in 1994 with a capital of 120.200 euros. Since the start they have continuously been invested in expanding their range in different natural stone types, especially for façade cladding.

Expansion through international sales was also one of their goals. As for today a very important part of their sales come from the export of their stone types.


Its quarries and factory contribute to the market of architecture, construction and civil works, an integral solution in facades, pavements and singular elements. The activity of the company is divided into several production lines. 

On the one hand, it finds the extraction of blocks from its own quarries, another line of activity is the transformation of stone.

On the other hand, they also contribute, provide ideas, constructive solutions and commercial insight to their clients together with advice and assistance on the installation process.


Over 375 hectares of quarry with an exclusive “ mine concession” until the year 2040. The company possesses has all the mobile machinery and equipment necessary to optimize these activities. The method of exploitation used by the company is carried out with the necessary technologic equipment and heavy machinery. It also holds mining rights of two types: exploitation concessions and research permits.

In this sense, the supply of raw material is guaranteed, since the company has carried out various geological-mining exploration and research tasks with the supervision of the Ministry of Tourism, Commerce and Energy. These studies highlight the huge amount of raw material in their concessions, and research permits.


Both for the elaboration and for the treatment of the stone the company has its own factory, widely equipped, with a constructed area of more than 2,600 m² of warehouse, 100 m² of showroom, 250 m² of offices and almost 14.000 m² plot  for exterior stockpiles. The stone is marketed in raw block, or as a finished product: cladding with a predefined thickness, solid pieces, molded pieces … Finishes range from the “saw cut” finish to aging, semi-polishing and others using specific machinery to carry out all and each of these processes. Their state of the art machinery allows them to manufacture any piece that customers may imagine. The company is a pioneer in this process and their high-tech machinery differentiate them by servicing “high end” customers. Creating unique pieces such as columns, special moldings, all kinds of arches, and so on. This wide range of exclusive finished products opens the doors to the market of luxury mansions and palaces.


Their professional research department is dedicated to the search for new products, to each customer’s demands. In this sense they have been able to improve various projects  generating new products that enhance their competitiveness and gaining access  towards international markets. All their products have the guarantee of the CE Certificate, a necessary label for the commercialization of this type of products on international markets. They also hold  ISO 9001 quality certificate by BSI.


The commercial department consists of highly motivated sales representatives, with extensive knowledge of the sector, operating on the national market (10% approx of turnover) and especially on the international (90% approx of the turnover).


They traditionally supplied to the main referents of the national construction market supplying the most important building companies. We can find their stone cladding in : civil buildings such as Municipalities, Libraries, Universities, Sports Centers, also in Cathedrals, Churches, Monasteries, Shopping centers, warehouses, residential mansions, urbanizations, hotels, etc.


Their main international market is Europe although they are also present in worldwide projects over the past years.

The participation of the company in all kinds of promotional activities and their proven professionalism have allowed them to establish stable commercial relationships in this geographical area. In export markets, the company relies on a multitude of international agents and distributors attracting projects of greater or lesser volume.  International contacts are usually obtained during business trips made by the bilingual staff and during international fairs, in which they participate exhibiting from the year 2005. This has enabled to run a large number of projects in the British Isles, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Ukraine and France in recent years. Yet various prestigious worldwide projects in the USA, Qatar and Morocco were also realized over the past years.


This company achieves an important yearly turnover. 


Due to retirement age this extraordinary company with unlimited growth potential is on the market for  7.680.000 euros ( the concession and exploitation of the quarry alone are valuated over 3,5 millions euros)


also included : 14.000 m2 PLOT + 2 industrial warehouses total of 2.600 m2+ Showroom of 100 m2 + office 3 storey building of  250 m2.

Machinery for Upholstery and Wind Power Energy Industry – Murcia

Machinery for Upholstery and Wind Power Energy Industry – Murcia


This company carries out tailored made machine design and development  mainly for the Upholstery sector and the Eolic Wind Power Energy sector. Their technical solutions bring innovation and technology that involve handling and packing heavy loads.

These machines will significantly reduce the process time, by implementing better planning and control of production. This will increase  staff´s health and safety. The first application of their technology was for the upholstery and the sofa manufacturing industry. 

During the last years the company recognized the importance of the upcoming “Wind Power Energy” sector. Therefore they have already performed 3 new designs for this “ Wind Industry”  with great projection to the future.


Their activity began in the year 2000 by professionals from the upholstery industry.  In 2004 the activity was restructured into a “Sociedad Limitada” ( Ltd) 

The business concept is based on subcontracting manufacturers that carry out the fabrication of their tailor made prototypes. This business concept always maintained the principle of keeping fixed costs such as staff, premises, inventory as low as possible by focusing only on rentability and benefits. This concept also allows to avoid investment in production lines by external funding.


  • 2000 the activity started and the commercial brand was registered.
  • 2004 the autonomous activity was restructured under a “Sociedad Limitada”(Ltd)
  • They gained the Award for their design of an assembly line for sofas
  • Subcontracting 3 new manufacturing workshops 
  • 2008 a supplier-agreement is made with an important international “ Wind Power Energy C°” for all its plants worldwide 
  • 2009 They are accepted as a preferred supplier for IKEA.
  • Participation in trade fairs POLAND, CHINA, FRANCE, GERMANY, SPAIN, etc.
  • Development of automatic cutting lines for “ Wind Power,”
  • Development of dynamic warehouse aerial conveyors.
  • Granted ISO 9001 certification
  • 2020 a new brand is created.


The company creates tailored digital solutions to connect information and fabrication processes with the staff. Solutions that reduce operational costs, increase productivity and offer better returns.


Their designs for this industry  result in a reduction of the assembly time with an average of 3 to 8 hours, a strong increase in productivity as it allows to manage  a wide variety of models at the same time offering great ergonomics of work.

They specialize in:

  • Transport systems and assembly lines
  • Integral cushion filling system
  • Automatic packing line for sofas
  • Special tailor made machinery
  • Air conveyor for transport and distribution of components
  • Distribution of sofas- Logistic platform

The range of motorized feeders applies for:

  •   dry fiber, pre-impregnated material, or both.
  •   widths of 50 “or 100”.
  •   rolls up to 1,500 kg.
  •   single-layer or multi-layer.

Collection systems:

  •   Tables with conveyor belts synchronized up to 25 meters, wide 50 “or 100”.
  •   Wrapping arms.

Self-aligning cutting systems:

  •   Automatic threading.
  •   Multi-layer.
  •   Cutting on tapestry.

Currently they work in partnership with a multinational provider the “Wind Industry” market, who is leader of the European, Asian and American installations.


The company brands and logos are already officially registered. One of their unique and “never seen” designs is currently in the process of patenting worldwide.


Quality, management certifications and specific licenses are awarded by the

public administrations (ISO 9001). Licenses for the manufacture of custom machinery for upholstery and “wind power”


The company is housed in an industrial premise on lease basis at 850 euro/month


Many important companies count themselves as satisfied customers : national companies as well as companies in France, Poland, Canada.


Important companies in Spain as well as in Portugal, India, China, Germany, Canada, India, Mexico, Poland were extremely satisfied with the time saving solutions of their designs.


Over the last years this company achieved turnovers between 1,2 to 2,1 million Euros, reaching extremely high  EBITDA -benefits.


Due to sudden illness of the owner this highly professional, though easy to run company, with extremely high revenues, is listed at the realistic (EBITDA multiple) price of 2.750.000 euro – premises are rented at 850 euro/month