21128 Manufacturer Flexible Packaging Machinery – Barcelona

21128 Manufacturer Flexible Packaging Machinery – Barcelona



This company is a high-quality Packaging Machinery Manufacturer based in Barcelona (Spain), counting on a Founding Director with more than 40 years of experience. It is a technology company that manufactures flexible packaging machinery.

The enterprise specializes in producing Horizontal, Vertical and Rotary machines for form fill and seal and pre-made pouches.

It was founded in 2004 in Barcelona by its Founding Director who accomplished a successful experience in the world of packaging for more than 40 years, after establishing one of the most prestigious multinational companies, leaders in HFFS during the 1990 ´s.

With an exclusive and close cooperation, their priority is to understand and find best solutions for their customers.

The knowledge of the entire team facilitates the vertical integration of all the manufacturing stages of each machine; from its design to its implementation, reaching the achievement of every project for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food sectors, among others


Located in a Spanish municipality in the province of Barcelona, in the autonomous community of Catalonia. It is situated in the valley of the Ripoll river, about 17 kilometers from Barcelona City. The municipality is integrated in the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona. In the industrial field, it is one of the main cities of the region of Western Valley, with a clear division between the urban and industrial area.

Barcelona and its wider metropolitan area is an important hub for manufacturing and industry. Around 34% of all Spanish exports come from Catalonia. And official data show that a third of all Spanish exporters are based in Barcelona.

A third of all foreign companies that operate in Spain have chosen Barcelona as their base, according to the Catalan government. Volkswagen (VLKAY) and Nissan (NSANF) both have plants in the wider Barcelona region.

The city has been an important shipping center for centuries. Thanks to its strategic location on the Mediterranean coast near France, it acts as a natural gateway for traffic coming to Europe from North Africa and the Americas.


The manufacturer specializes in the design and production of flexible packaging machinery: vertical and horizontal packaging equipment and dosing equipment for pre-packaged envelopes/pouches, offering an effective after-sales service, such as repair and support of other equipment.

Always betting on quality and innovation, the knowledge of the entire team facilitates the vertical integration of all the manufacturing stages of their machines: from negotiation, design to the implementation of the same, reaching the achievement of the projects for today’s sectors such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, agri-food, detergents, among others.

They work in a personalized and tailored way offering the best solution depending on each project, need and budget, always focused on a long-term service.

The manufacturer specializes mainly in the design and production of:

Horizontal series pouch machine

  • FINAL CUT series machines work both in automatic and intermittent mode, available either with simplex (1 production line) or duplex (2 production lines) version.

These are suitable for the packaging of products such as: powder, granulated products, liquids

as well as wipes and solid items.

Depending on the product, several dosers are available:

– Endless doser: Suitable for powder products

– Volumetric doser: Great for granulated products

– Doser for Liquids and

COMPACT series machines work both in automatic and intermittent mode, available either with simplex (1 production line) or duplex (2 production lines) version.

These are suitable for the packaging of products such as: powder, granulated products, liquids and high viscosity, all of them in sachets with 3 and 4 sealed sides.

Depending on the product, several dosers are available:

– Endless doser: Suitable for powder products

– Volumetric doser: Great for granulated products

– Doser for Liquids and viscous products: With pump or piston

Horizontal series pre-made pouch machine

The PRE-MADE POUCH series machines work automatically upon pre-made sachet. These have been created to pack all range of products the client might need: solids; liquids, powder or even high viscosity.

Same as their other machine series, the Pre-made Pouch will work with a different doser depending on the product used: – Endless doser: Suitable for powder pro­ducts – Volumetric doser: Great for granulated products – Doser for Liquids and viscous products: With pump or piston.

Vertical series pouch machine

These work automatically and are really easy handle and maintain. They have been designed to work in 2 stations starting from the feeding and suitable for all type of pre-made pouches. It offers all kind of packing solutions for a wide range of different formats, type of sachets, capacities and products, always in small production batches.

This equipment is addressed to different sectors such as: Food, Home-care & chemical products, food for animals, and many more…

The STICK PACK series machines can reach productions of 400 sachets / minute, in some of their models depending on the number of lines and type of product to be packed.

These models are designed for all kinds of products such as: food, cosmetics and pharmacy.

They are compact machines, easy to handle and maintain, very accurate both mechanically and pneumatically together with the technology of ser­vos, all together through control with PLC.


The last creations

  • Rotary Machine Automatic machine, for all types of pre-made sachets and/or pouches, is designed with latest (new) generation technology. Aimed at all types of customers, it responds to the market demands to solve the need to pack any type of product, any type of format for any packaging capacity.

Starting from a feeding belt or an inlet store adapted to any premade pouch, this machine is compact, easy to clean and quick to maintain.

Working either automatically or intermittently trough 8 stations, its process is easy to handle, fast and effective. Characterized by its accuracy, the mechanical part is linked to servos technology, all together through control with

  • Multiline series machine

The company´s engineers have developed a new Vertical multiline machine

which improves its performance and reduces its maintenance. Suitable for

either Food or Pharmaceutical products.


Technical service

The technical service is available to help customers and resolve any concerns. Their duty is to solve any doubts that may arise during the useful life of their machines.

Due to a unique “Remote Assistance” service, they can offer solutions in real time. Helping the needs of each client in each circumstance and guaranteeing a rigorous and efficient production.

After Sales Service

Attending to the needs of each client they offer maintenance, repair, replacement or improvement and updating of the design and operation of their packaging machines. In order to satisfy the highest demands in terms of reliability, simplicity and maintenance.


In addition to the received documentation for the proper use and operation of the equipment, the client can request an IQ-OQ validation / qualification protocol, based on the GMP and GAMP 5 regulations, which certify the correct design, construction and operation of the equipment according to the corresponding regulations. This documentation will be drawn up and signed by the external service technical engineer expert in the field who will be in charge of the completion and installation and operational qualification.


The growth achieved year after year has allowed the company to expand its export figures. Today the company is present in the 5 continents and export reaches 90% of their production (25% Africa + 15% Europe + 45% Asia + 5% Oceania + 10% America). Thus, establishing the brand worldwide.


Their machines pack products from clients such as THE GB FOODS (Gallina Blanca, Gino), Unilever, Uriach, Lesvi Neuraxpharm, the pharmaceutical company HASSAN HR Pharma, Watergel, Iberfiltros, Novarino, etc.


The corporation counts on a CEO with a staff of 15 people + 2 TEMPORARY EXTERNALS divided between the following departments: Management, Accountant, Administration, Marketing, Commercial, Technical, Production, Electric and programming, Logistics.


The company is located on an Industrial Park complex in the Barcelona province (Spain).

Its useful area is approximately 700m2, of which there is a ground floor of 550m2 for production and technical Departments.

On the first floor a 44m2 loft where the dining room, reception-waiting room and a meeting room are located.

On the second floor, the offices are installed; the office of the director as well as the 100m2 financial department.

The facilities offer an optimal service, both due to its location and its proximity to suppliers (strategic location near the AP7 and easily accessible around the territory). In this way, they facilitate the relationship with the client and the day-to-day work for their workers and suppliers.

Additional Information:

These facilities are rented. The signed contract is indefinite.


Packaging has participated in the development of our quality of life.

It is important to highlight new requirements that are appearing in parallel with the satisfaction of consumers due to old claims and the increase in competition for products in the market.

In this context, the manufacturer works day after day to improve its technology.

Trends make them evolve, fostering change and innovation, proposing variations for the continuous improvement of their equipment, facilitating their adaptation to new long-term strategies.

  • Thus, their first long-term objective is to create an independent R&D department to dedicate 100% in the design and improvement of their technology. This activity is currently carried out part-time by the Technical department.
  • Another commercial objective is the expansion and continuous internationalization of their market through the search for new commercial agents, representatives, and distributors.
  • In this direction, the corporation wants to use part of the commercial strategy to study how to increase their presence by participating in more important fairs based on their international market targets. Other than INTERPACK where the company already participates.
  • At the same time, it is essential to study the current economic and social situation. Therefore, it is important to reach “their” target with the help of technology at their disposal by marketing worldwide in a notorious way,
  • Another marked objective is to allocate another part of the resources in online marketing strategies.



The company invoiced over 2 million euros in 2019, reaching an annual growth rate of about 18%. Unfortunately, sales dropped in 2020 due to the Pandemic.

However, the turnover in 2021 seems to increase.

Therefore, the growth of 2021 would be 16% or perhaps more which would reach within the expectations of company’s growth.



Due to upcoming retirement, this highly professional manufacturer is for sale at

2.200.000 euro

NOTE: Premises are rented at 3.000 euro/month

21129 Wholesaler Timber and Wood: doors, floors, kitchen, boards and DIY –  Malaga Province-  Costa del Sol – Andalusia

21129 Wholesaler Timber and Wood: doors, floors, kitchen, boards and DIY –  Malaga Province-  Costa del Sol – Andalusia


Currently, this company is a warehouse for wood and custom cut boards,

custom edging, sawmill, material for kitchens, cabinets and doors, wood for

pergolas, tropical woods, platforms, parquet floors, outdoor floors and everything

regarding DIY, structured in several lines of business:


Washed by the Mediterranean Sea, the Costa del Sol extends along more than 150 kilometers of coastline in the province of Malaga, in the southern Iberian Peninsula Autonomous Region of Andalucía. Its name, the “Coast of the Sun”, is not due to mere chance: with over 325 sunny days a year and a benevolent climate, this is a paradisiacal place with beaches to suit all tastes.

The company is located on a busy Industrial Park between Marbella and Manilva/La Duquesa Port.

New construction and real estate sales are still booming in this area as well as the “Renovation/ Remodeling” industry, for many houses and apartments on this coastline are being updated by their new owners.



The enterprise was founded in 1955.

At first it was founded as a lumber mill, where boxes were manufactured for fish and fruit as well as chariot wheels.

In 1981, the company moved to the Industrial Park where it remains located today.

A first warehouse was built on a plot of 1800 m2 and in 2001 they built a

second industrial warehouse, and finally in 2004 the third two-story warehouse was built.

The company expanded and dedicated itself to the different products and services described hereafter.



The company is structured in several lines of business:

1) Direct sale: counter with an exhibition of 350m2 of direct- sale products including a      large selection of DIY

2) Wholesale: professionals from the construction/remodeling industry, place their orders via email. Sometimes those professionals visit the exhibition with their clients to choose the materials.

3) Wholesale: The Commercial Department organizes regular visits to professional clients in Granada, Malaga, Torremolinos, Fuengirola, Benalmádena, Marbella, Estepona, Algeciras, San Roque, Los barrios, Ceuta and Melilla.

4) Sales of materials with custom made-to-measure services: when a client wants to start a general home- remodeling the company will not only provide all the necessary material , such as floors, doors, cabinets, bathroom furniture, kitchen, entrance doors but they will  also designate one of their regular subcontractors of installers always with the supervision of their own technician.

5) Sales for construction industry: contracts with promoters/ building companies to sell and install doors, kitchens, cabinets and floors.



Since 2019, following the guidelines of a consulting company (TACTIO),

the company’s structure is organized as follows:

  • Management / General Director
  • Financial department
  • Administrative department
  • Commercial department with fleet of vehicles and commercial and sales manager
  • Technical department for kitchen design, cabinets … works.
  • Production department,
  • Logistics department



Currently there is an exhibition of 350m2, a machinery area with about

970m2 and a storage area of 1590m2.


This very professional enterprise counts with the most advanced machinery and equipment such as

  • Olimpic k800 – High performance automatic edge bander
  • STRIEBIG STANDARD II VERTICAL SAFETY SAW Sections various types of wood quickly
  • Four side Moulder BONGANTI
  • SCM K800 AH EDGER Glued synthetic tape for edge finishes
  • BAND SAW BAND SAW MR-SC-01 Cuts sturdy logs and transform into quality slats
  • LABRADORA BRUSHING MACHINE PRAIN MR-L-01 Reduces, adapts and polishes surface of wooden blocks

Material movements

  • Vacuum MACHINE PERCA FCA-176/141 20m3 2016 Vacuums all the “sawdust” generated by the usual tasks
  • HORIZONTAL SECTIONING MACHINE SCM SIGMA IMPACT 2016 Cutting boards large in smaller formats (by computer)
  • KITCHEN DESIGN PROGRAM – RALID.VIRT. TEOWIN Kitchen design to design and show the new kitchen in virtual reality



Over the years the actual owners have consolidated the company to achieve its strong position in the market.

They proceeded to a strategic development of growth and business diversification that allowed them significantly to change the direction of the company, making it a benchmark in the sector, ready to expand all over Andalusia.

They justify the project and base the motivation on objective reasons

  • Sector of activity in growth, in an acceleration phase to improve the economy.
  • Outstanding strong point in the recognition of the professionalism and quality of

service they always provided.

  • Based on a proven easy to follow computerized work process and set work protocol.
  • From reception of the order to production and finally to logistics

The company, in addition to various common technical facilities, uses machinery with sophisticated features, guided by computerized systems for the sectioning of the material to be used, resulting in an adequate optimization of the raw material to avoid wastage difficult to reuse in other orders.


The actual owners are third generation and decided to sell this utmost professional company.

For the price of 5.470.000 euro including FULL PROPERTY – 3 Buildings with total surface of 2150m2 built on prime location.

21130 Group of two related Companies- Fire Protection and Security – Madrid Metropolitan Area

21130 Group of two related Companies- Fire Protection and Security – Madrid Metropolitan Area


This is a Group of two related companies dedicated to the industry of “Protection Services”

first enterprise “Fire Protection Company”

second enterprise “Security Company”

The first “Fire Protection” company started in 2011 based on a personal experience from the owner of more than 15 years in this industry.

Over the years the company consolidated with great potential offering services to many businesses, large corporations, public buildings, cities and municipalities, institutions, and private homes.

The second “Safety” company arose in 2019 from customer demand as well as the the current circumstances in which safety of the home and business is very important.

It provides security services and alarm installations, CCTV closed circuit television and home automation systems (domotica)

Both companies share the same industrial premises, fully owned by the group.


The companies are situated in the metropolitan area of Madrid, 35 km from the Capital.

Madrid is the capital and most-populous city of Spain. The city has almost 3.3 million inhabitants and a metropolitan area population of approximately 6.5 million. It is the second-largest city in the European Union (EU), surpassed only by Berlin, and its monocentric metropolitan area is the second-largest in the EU, surpassed only by Paris.

Madrid urban agglomeration has the third-largest GDP in the European Union and its influence in politics, education, entertainment, environment, media, fashion, science, culture, and the arts all contribute to its status as one of the world’s major global cities. Madrid is home to two world-famous football clubs, Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid.

While Madrid possesses modern infrastructure, it has preserved the look and feel of many of its historic neighbourhoods and streets. Its landmarks include the Plaza Mayor, the Royal Palace of Madrid; the Royal Theatre with its restored 1850 Opera House; the Buen Retiro Park, founded in 1631; the 19th-century National Library building (founded in 1712) containing some of Spain’s historical archives; many national museums, and the Golden Triangle of Art, located along the Paseo del Prado and comprising three art museums: Prado Museum, the Reina Sofía Museum, a museum of modern art, and the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, which complements the holdings of the other two museums. Cibeles Palace and Fountain has become one of the monument symbols of the city.



The Fire Protection company started from scratch by implementing rather small installations.

Today it reaches a yearly turnover between 800.000 and 1.000.000 euro and runs a client data base of 1.500 active clients.

Over the years many prestigious installations were accomplished.

  • Fire detection at the Royal Theater,
  • Fire protection maintenance of the AEMET (State Agency for Meteorology),
  • Fire protection Maintenance in Public Libraries of Madrid
  • Maintenance of Madrid Theaters,
  • Fire Panel Installation at the railway Station of Orgaz
  • Fire Safety installation in the Recycling Plant of the municapality of Talavera
  • Fire protection Installation at Movie Theatres of the municipality of Parla
  • Fire Detection Installation at the Amusement Park
  • Maintenance in the Town Hall of three neighbour municipalities
  • Maintenance, and Fire protection of several private and public buildings, etc., etc.

They perform all kinds of work,

  • both passive protection,
  • safety plans,
  • emergency plans
  • fire detection facilities,
  • installation of sprinklers,
  • fume extraction,
  • water supply against fire,
  • gas detection,
  • automatic gas extinguishing,
  • network of BIES,
  • Fire Extinguisher installations,
  • watertightness tests in extinguishing rooms
  • extinction,
  • Dry Columns,
  • The company owns 5 vans and industrial cars for its technicians,
  • Tools and machinery necessar for the performance of all activities
  • Industrial warehouse, consisting of an-office on the top floor, completely renovated, and a technical service office on the ground floor, 4 closed warehouses and a workshop with all the necessary machinery for the qualification of the company
  • Its headquarters are located in the southern part of Madrid province. It is very well connected with different highways of easy access to carry out Fire Protection Installations and periodic maintenance services.

The company runs an active data base of 1.500 clients.

All these customers are generated by the company’s corporate website with no need for additional marketing.

Their clients are mainly:

Communities of Owners, Hotels, Industrial Premises, Buildings, Office buildings, Town Halls, chain of stores, Penitentiary Centers, Transport Companies, Homes for the elderly,


If expansión would be a focus for the new owner it can be done on a very simple way. By opening branches throughout the national territory as the company holds all the oficial authorisations for it.


The company counts with a staff of 11 permanent technicians.

Sometimes when large installations are due, they collaborate with external or part time workers.

The organizational structure of the company and its main managers are:

General Director, Financial Department, Commercial Department. Technical Department


Quality certifications, management and specific licenses awarded by the

public administrations are in place and valid.



This company was created in 2019, but the activity did not start until March 2021.

It runs with one worker on a temporary contract of 2 months and one freelance engineer.

LICENSES:  the Company is authorized by the General Directorate of Police valid for the Community of Madrid, Murcia, Andalusia, Castilla-Leon, Castilla-La Mancha and Galicia,(the Company has an agreement with an external salesperson in Galicia)

SERVICES: the installation and maintenance of alarm systems and CCTV ( closed TV Circuit). In just a few months the company served already various clients.

EXPANSION expanding services by offering “Access control systems” and “Home Automation” as well as physical security and armored trucks etc.

PREMISES It uses the same building as the Fire Protection Cy. Accommodated on the first floor, which is the one authorized by the police as grade 3 which authorizes as a security company.

CLIENTS:  storage room rentals, car workshops and communities of owners

EXPANSION: nationwide by signing agreements with commercial distributors, promote internet advertising and contact public institutions.

FUTURE STRATEGY The strategy of this company is to get connections from fire panels to its own Alarm Receiving Center thus integrating the various systems as a single brand that provides coverage in all security matters.

With a little investment this company can differentiate itself to the rest of the security industry offering additional Fire Protection services at the same time.


FIRE PROTECTION Co: This company reaches a yearly turnover of 800.000-1.000.000 euro

SAFETY Co: Turnover since January 2021 was 40.000 euro


Due to family issues the owner decided to sell both companies

  1. Fire Protection Co
  2. Safety Co

Both companies for a total of : 550.000 euro

including FULL PROPERTY Industrial Premises 308m2

IMPORTANT NOTE: The actual owner would consider to open and manage a new autonomous división in the province of Alicante

21115 WOOD, TIMBER Wholesaler Supplying professional BUILDERS – Navarre NORTH SPAIN

21115 WOOD, TIMBER Wholesaler Supplying professional BUILDERS – Navarre NORTH SPAIN


This company is specialized in buying and selling wood of any type and shape, prepared or not for direct application in carpentry – mainly construction industry- as well as frames, doors, windows, slats, jambs, beams for pergolas and roofs, rushes, for garden furniture, phenolic spacers … etc.


The business is located in a municipality of Navarra.

Navarra is an is an autonomous community and province in northern Spain, bordering the Basque Autonomous CommunityLa Rioja, and Aragon in Spain and Nouvelle-Aquitaine in France.

Navarra’s natural beauty is the region’s best emblem, but it is internationally renowned for the running of the bulls in its capital, Pamplona, during the San Fermín festival that takes place every month of July.

It is one of the wealthiest regions in Spain per capita, with a diversified economy primarily focused on the energy sectorhealthcare services and manufacturing. The gross domestic product (GDP) of the autonomous community was 20.3 billion euros in 2018, accounting for 1.7% of Spanish economic output. GDP per capita adjusted for purchasing power was 33,700 euros or 112% of the EU27 average in the same year. The GDP per employee was 109% of the EU average.[36]

The unemployment rate stood at 10.2% in 2017 and was the lowest in the country


The activity of this family run business – husband and wife -started 1989 and later in 1993, it became a “ Sociedad Limitada” Limited Company.

The company has been constantly growing. Over the years it generated enough resources to carry out all the investments made since the beginning of its activity.

It has been in continuous growth and expansion, with sufficient own resources to face the investments.

It even withstands the two economic crises – with special mention referring to the crisis of 2008 -, when the construction sector came to a standstill. It was able to adapt quickly to these new situations by expanding their product- line according to the needs of the market.

Initially its clients were carpenters, but analyzing that a carpenter has a less relevant role, the company focused on professional builders and nowadays they supply also final consumers.

The sale to the final consumer is acquiring an important boom.


The organization of the company has been the same since its inception: the husband was dedicated to commercial and logistical work and his wife to administrative work.

The company has grown progressively and consequently departments and staff grew gradually.

Initially the activity started in a rented warehouse of 180 square meters.

Later they acquired a warehouse of 1.200 square meters on a well-connected Industrial Estate.

Subsequently, they bought a plot 5.117 meters on the main road and highway of the Industrial Estate and built a 3.226 square meter warehouse.


Today the company operates with 4 directors and 10 staff members in different departments.


Total plot 5.117 square meters, of which 3.226 m2 are built and 532 m2 of canopies.

  • Warehouse number 1: 2.738 meters, 1.037 meters built, 532 meters of canopies and 833 meters of loading and unloading area.
  • Warehouse number 2: 1.218 meters of warehouse, of which 1.018 meters are built and the rest is considered an access area.
  • Warehouse number 3: 1.162.27 meters, 600 meters (300 meters of exposure), on a concrete floor of 300 meters and the rest of the gardens.


The company features all necessary machinery and equipment to fulfil its activities.

Besides it holds a fleet of 5 vehicles of which one Scania P250 truck and 4 smaller vans.

The average stock has a value € 650,000.


Most products are aimed at the construction industry such as: doors, frames, windows, beams, cleats for construction, slats, jambs, and so on.

Besides the company holds a wide catalog of doors in stock as well as on request in noble woods: oak, pine, walnut, cherry, beech, ebony, etc.


o professionals 90%

o Final consumers 10% although these sales are increasing every year


A substantial turnover reaching over 2.000.000 euro yearly resulting in an adequate EBITDA


Due to the future retirement age of the owners, this very profitable company is for sale at the price of:

4.250.000 euro INCLUDING FULL PROPERTY 5.117 m2 plot and 3.226 m2 building, stock etc

 Design and Manufacture of Customized Sports Garments for Clubs and Groups- Barcelona

 Design and Manufacture of Customized Sports Garments for Clubs and Groups- Barcelona



Personalized Sportswear

The company is a manufacturer of personalized sportswear for all types of sports, especially Cycling, Triathlon, Running and Trail. Without minimum orders, they are able to manufacture from 1 garment.

They design each equipment upon client´s instructions or, if client prefers, their own team of  designers will produce a custom design.

There is no limit to colors, logos, badges, inscriptions or images.

Clients can choose from various designs and models in their on-line shop


Located in a Spanish municipality and city in the province of Barcelona, in the autonomous community of Catalonia. Capital of the Maresme region it is located on the Mediterranean coast, some 30 kilometers northeast of Barcelona, and has traditionally been an administrative center of territorial relevance and economic dynamism.


Barcelona is the 20th-most-visited city in the world by international visitors and the fifth most visited city in Europe after London, Paris, Istanbul and Rome, with 5.5 million international visitors. Popular for its typical RAMBLA, Barcelona is ranked the most popular city to visit in Spain.

Barcelona as internationally renowned a tourist destination, with numerous recreational areas, one of the best beaches in the world, mild and warm climate, historical monuments, including eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as : Sagrada Familia, Parque Guëll,  Casa Battló, casa Milà, La Rambla, Camp Nou stadium, Parc de Montjuïc en de Font Magica (fontein), Palau de la Música Catalana, Barri Gòtic, , Mercat de la Boqueria, not to forget the succulent gastronomic delicacies.


Specialists in manufacture of personalized technical sportswear

The company designs and manufactures fully customized technical sports garments.

Mainly specialized in cycling, triathlon, running, trail and bike-trial.


The brand was founded in 2010 counting on a personal professionalism with more than 30 years’ experience in the sports textile sector. Initially manufacturing for other renowned brands in the sports world. That is why the company can offer a wide knowledge in technical fabrics of the latest generation and custom-tailoring which allows them to take care of every detail of their garments so that the athlete obtains maximum comfort and performance wearing them.


Currently they have a wide commercial network of shops throughout Spain and France. The company not only sells to clubs, groups, collectives and distribution shops, but also for private individuals as they don´t apply minimum orders and are able to produce one garment per order.

They are committed to excellence and detail in their sportswear using the latest technology on the market. All this has allowed them to grow continuously and position themselves in the sector by offering a top-quality product at standard market prices. Their priority is offering maximum comfort to their clients while accompany them in all their sports achievements.


As they carry out all facets from design to production in-house, allows them to control the entire production chain up to customer´s satisfaction. In turn, they can offer delivery within a maximum of 15 working days from design approval, a fact that sets apart from other brands in the market.

Consequently, all garments are entirely made in Spain, thus guaranteeing maximum precision, quality and detail in all articles.


Personalized clothing for events

Personalized clothing for sports events, cycling races, marathons, or any other type of event.

They design equipment upon client´s particular instructions or, their staff designers will produce a custom design. There is no limit to colors, logos, badges, inscriptions, or images.

Before final decision 3 different designs are proposed, from which the client can choose the one that suits best

The company offers the best material to turn every event into a triumph by using high quality garments at competitive prices.

The company works with a wide range of products and more than 200 different articles and finishes.


The company uses the best fabrics with the most modern technology.

  • iON

Highly breathable, it combines moisture management technology with an antibacterial finish based on silver ions. The jersey stays fresh and dry and prevents odor.


  • Lycra Teflon

Their bib shorts and overalls are made from high stretch and recovery Lycra with a Teflon treatment that repels water and protects the equipment from dirt.


  • DryStorm

Used in jackets it is an all-rounder for the worst weather conditions, it has thermal properties, is waterproof and contains a windproof membrane, as well as being a breathable fabric.


  • Zero Wind

The windproof membrane for waistcoats and jackets, extraordinarily light and breathable at the same time.


  • Termotech

Thermal fabric used in shorts and jackets from their winter range, with a chamois lining and a thickness that will protect the client perfectly from the cold.


The company’s sales, production and administrative headquarters are located in Spain. The industrial premises are situated in a subsidiary city of Barcelona, where the administration and control of the company, as well as the manufacturing and distribution departments are housed.  The town is renowned for its large concentration of textile companies in Catalonia.

At the same time, the company runs its own physical shop, the headquarters of the brand and its point of reference as a showroom for all the entities and sports clubs that want to view the collection. In this shop, close to the customer, they can offer a personalized treatment and take care of every detail of the client´s requirements.

Being the brand of reference in sports garments, they have a network of distribution shops throughout Spain. This allows them to offer a close and exclusive relationship with all end -customers. Each distribution shop is responsible for the delivery of each order to the end consumer be it sports clubs and entities, federated teams, professional athletes, or private persons.

From their headquarters in Barcelona, the company offers full support and design services to each shop. Therefore, shops are able to offer a period of 15 working days of delivering any order.

The company also counts on a network of independent sales agents distributed throughout Spain and concentrated especially in the areas of Valencia, Castilla la Mancha, Murcia, Andalusia, the Basque Country, La Rioja and Galicia.

For all these reasons, the company has a portfolio of 1.500 clients, among which

  • sports entities,
  • sports clubs
  • sport shops

as well as agreements

  • with different franchise organizations in sports material and gyms
  • multi-sport and multi-brand sports clothing sales points


For which they have the exclusivity in the manufacturing service of personalized sports clothing.


  1. Sales network in Spain

Their sales network in Spain is based on four fundamental elements:

* Direct sales through own staff / online web shop

* Agreements with sports clubs and organizations,

* Distribution shops

* Independent sales agents.

The company counts currently with different sales agents responsible for the following areas:  the whole area of Alicante, Albacete, Castellón, Valencia, Murcia.

In the area of A Coruña, Lugo and Vigo there are two more commercial agents.

In turn, in the Basque Country and La Rioja they have 2 commercial agents.

The southern area is divided into 2 sales agents. One for Huelva, Seville and Cadiz and the second for   Malaga, Granada, Cordoba and Jaen.

By using professional agents and shops the company can easily reach the end customer, allowing to leave a nice profit margin for their commercial intermediaries and in the same time maintaining a competitive price .

  1. Sales network in Europe

As far as the European market is concerned, it is important to highlight the company´s presence in countries such as France, where they have the largest number of sales agents. Also present in Belgium, Italy and Switzerland.

In France they can count on a commercial network of 3 agents in charge of working commercially in different regions of France, therefore being closer to the final customer or French sports entities.

* Central region of France (Paris)

* The northern region

* The south of France

Every agent counts on a wide contact – network with French sports entities and clubs.

In Belgium they actually count on one sales agent who is in charge of distributing and marketing the brand, offering personalized garments to clubs and sports entities.

The Italian market is handled by a sales agent, who manages a wide portfolio of clubs and sports entities related to cycling and multisport.

More recently, a new sales agent in Switzerland has joined the company and will start marketing the product in Switzerland in September 2021.


The company holds a personalized sportswear brand, manufacturing all kinds of personalized textile sportswear for multisport. In a more specialized way, it focuses on cycling, triathlon and running garments, being a reference brand for these sectors.

The brand not only manufactures sportswear, but also supplies all kinds of sports equipment and accessories, such as backpacks, water bottles, neck warmers, personalized towels, personalized socks, caps, gloves, visors, scarves, etc. They offer a complete 360º service for all client´s needs in terms of textile sports equipment and all kinds of multisport accessories.

Registered trademark both in Spain and in the European Community.


The company currently has 10 employees, who are divided into different departments and perform different functions.

In the production department they count on 4 employees, 1 of them is in charge of the overall production, the second one is in charge of preparing the order and the finished product. The other two are manufacturing operators who participate in manufacturing the final garment.

The design department consists of two female designers in charge of receiving and managing the design of each order.

The accounting department consists of an employee who is responsible for dealing with both suppliers and customers in all matters relating to invoicing and administration of the company. He is in contact with outsourced tax and financial consultancy.

Commercial Department consists of 2 employees in charge of managing and directing all the commercial action: differentiated in the sub-department of national sales and sub-department of sales in Europe. The person in charge of the sales department is responsible for all the commercial management of the company and for the search and prospecting of new markets and commercial opportunities.


The headquarters of 900 m2 where all the manufacturing, sales center (offices) and showroom take place. Whereof 200 m2 are destined to the cutting section and another 200 m2 to the finishing of the final product. In the design section, there is a 60 m2 room equipped with specific machinery for printing and control of design and printing quality.

In the sales and commercial management section, there is a 150 m2 space where offices are located and where the design, commercial and accounting teams are located, together with a showroom for reception of visitors, and a separate meeting room.

The building is a single construction with direct access from the street and features its own freight elevator.


The company has sufficient specialized machinery to design and produce the sports garments in heir collection.

The design department has at its disposal 4 large format printing plotters of 1.80 m2 width, recently purchased and provided with a maintenance contract from an external company.


The company edited specialized catalogues of personalized cycling clothing with all the relevant specifications for each product and another catalogue of reusable hygiene masks with own designs as well as personalized men’s boxers. These last two items are the most innovative and new additions to their list of products.


This very successful and exclusive company is for sale at the price of

998.000 euro – premises rented


1.248.000 euro including FULL PROPERTY industrial Premises

IMPORTANT NOTE: IN order to continue the growth of this company ,  the actual owner also considers to accept investors or even a shareholder with acquisition of 50% shares.


Important Construction Company/ High Revenue – Mainly B2B clientele – Galicia /North Spain

Important Construction Company/ High Revenue – Mainly B2B clientele – Galicia /North Spain


This company was established as a Limited Company on June 5, 1986, with the aim to undertake all types of activity in the construction branch, preferably in the Galician Autonomous Community such as:

  • Preparation and drafting of construction projects, as well as their initiative for processing and approval.
  • Promotion and construction of homes, health centers, geriatric residences, educational centers, pavilions, sports centers, etc.
  • Management and construction of services resulting from work concessions or reform, rehabilitation/ restauration and maintenance.
  • Any activity related to public and private construction, promotion and land management.

Nowadays the company counts on a staff of professional technicians with proven ability and experience, and workers distributed among construction managers, foremen, officers, laborers, drivers and crane operators.


They are situated in Galicia, which is the Spanish autonomous community, considered a historical nationality according to its Statute of Autonomy, located in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula. It is made up of the provinces of La Coruña, Lugo, Orense and Pontevedra, which consists of three hundred and thirteen municipalities,  grouped into fifty-three regions. The capital is the city of Santiago de Compostela, while Vigo is the most populated and commercial municipality.

They are also just 1000km from the French border and 500km  from the capital, Madrid.


The human and technical team is a guarantee in the past, in the present, and much more in the future.

The growth in billing occurred as a result that 7 years ago they tendered works outside of the Autonomous Region of  Galicia, such as : Castilla-León, Madrid, Santander and Asturias:

Previously their scope was limited to the autonomous community of Galicia.

To date, they hold a portfolio of 14 and a half million euros contracted with different administrations between Galicia and Castilla.


New construction works
  • Residential buildings
  • Single family homes
  • Health centers
  • Geriatric residences
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Pavilions, sports complexes and swimming pools
  • Bridges, urbanizations and humanizations
  • Fish markets
  • Societies, Clubs
  • Court buildings


 Reforms, rehabilitation and restoration
  • Commercial Premises
  • Bank offices
  • Offices in general
  • Housing
  • Facades


Their logo and brand are known and highly appreciated in all the communities where they carry out their work, for their seriousness, meeting deadlines and good execution of the finished works.

Certifications / Licenses

They hold all licenses such as: Quality, management certifications or specific licenses awarded by public administrations.

They are in a process of renewing the CONTRACTOR CLASSIFICATION.

Furthermore, they believe that once renewed they will achieve the highest in building, then they can compete in public bidding with all the larger businesses of the sector.

They also own a ISOS 9001-9015-14001, environmental quality.


  • 2 Founding and current partners.
  • 2 solidarity administrators
  • 1 Director
  • 1 Finance department
  • 3 Technical architects, site managers
  • 1 Collaborating technical architect in Castilla-León


Works study department:

  • 1 civil engineer.
  • 1 construction technician.

Quality Department Environment / Equality

  • 1 Social graduate

Accounting department

  • 2 accountants


  • 4 managers
  • 2 crane operators
  • 4 bricklayers
  • 2 pawns


They cover the periodic needs in terms of labor in the different unions by contracting with companies in subcontracting mode.


  • Offices owned, in the city of Ourense, built 350 square meters. Warehouse and parking in the same place with approximately 250m2.
  • Premises of approximately 6,000m2, closed and urbanized, in a nearby town of (Ourense) Existing warehouse within the plot itself, with an approximate area of ​​600m2.


This very important company counts with various machines:

Tower cranes, forklift, forklift truck, small machines, scaffolding and individual and collective means of security and various tools for the necessary development of the works.

As for vehicles:

Cars, Vans, small trucks, large trucks, all of them full ownership

Cars for construction managers; BMW 320, Golf GTI, Peugeot 308, Seat Ibiza.

Manager vans: Opel Vivaro, Renault Kangoo, Peugeot Partner, two Mercedes Citan, Iveco double cab (light truck), Iveco single cab equipped with crane (light truck), 12-ton Man truck equipped with licence.


This most important construction firm operates mainly- 95 % of her turnover- with

B2B clients and Public Administration, Autonomous communities, town halls, councils and universities, for which they hold the special licenses.

The remaining 5 % is for works to private clients.


This company grew in recent years and will grow in the coming years by competing for Public Administration works of a higher budget amount,

  • Executing works in “Temporal collaboration with other construction companies”

This is an opportunity to execute larger projects such as

  • two important ones in execution
  • School of Arts of Valladolid,
  • Work of adaptation of a building for Public Administrative Centre
  • Building for “061” Public Health Services of the Xunta de Galicia ( Public Administration Public Health)


This exceptional Construction Company realized a turnover of € 10.900.000 during 2020 with extraordinary EBITDA


Due to retirement age of the owners, this major Construction Company is for sale

4.945.000 € including FULL PROPERTY

* offices in Ourense city

* industrial premises 600 m2 on 6.000m2 plot


Know how, machinery, fleet of vehicles, staff, licenses and portfolio of all the works/building sites  still in progress.

Company offering technical advice, solutions and accessories to architects, installers of Flat glassworks – TENERIFE

Company offering technical advice, solutions and accessories to architects, installers of Flat glassworks – TENERIFE


This business was born in 2009, as an innovative concept for the glass market; offering technical advice and solutions to architects, installers, glass works and in general to the entire flat glass sector, which demanded these services, until now non-existent.

Consequently, this firm has the representation for the Canary Islands and West Africa for the leading international brands in the glass sector such as Saheco, Trivel, Dormakaba, Quilosa, Loxeal and so on.

Their technical team has a high level of preparation to offer adapted solutions, thanks to the close collaboration that they maintain with the glass industry at an international level, with Associations of Architects, Surveyors and Construction Professionals.


They are located in Tenerife and in Gran Canaria. Both of these locations are part of the Canary Islands, which are a Spanish archipelago off the northwest coast of Africa. These are rugged volcanic islands known for their white and black sand beaches. Tenerife being the largest island.

It is important to know that the Canary Islands enjoy special tax benefits.


This company was created from scratch in 2012-

2012-2015 they gained the achievement of the first exclusives in distribution.

In 2015 this firm opened their first physical location (approx 800m2 warehouse) to maintain a stock of products in the Canary Islands

2017 they opened an office in the province of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

2018 they obtained an extension of their exclusive contracts with the brands, for Senegal, Mauritania, Morocco and Cape Verde. They started with the export channel to North Africa, which today represents 6/7% of the company’s turnover.

Lastly in 2019/2020 they started selling online, directly through their website and markets places.

Today, currently 2% comes from online sales.



They own two warehouses one in Tenerife and the other in Gran Canaria:

  • TENERIFE: warehouse of 800M2, lease. Commercial warehouse on the most important industrial estate of the province and with the most comfortable distribution network. Oriented to storage and distribution, with a small space of 60m2 for commercial action and sale (offices).
  • GRAN CANARIA: 60M2 space of 50m2 for commercial action and sale, this facility lacks large warehouse. The stock value at this facility is only aimed at commercial service. It is situated in a shopping center at street level.



Glass accessories

Small accessories for the installation of glass in showcases; hinges, locks, staples, etc. All the small tools necessary for the installation of glass in furniture in all its forms.

Facade-in-glass-and-steel: Glass fittings

Hardware for tempered glass, with need for notches or machining; hinges, locks, handles, anti-panics, canopies, etc. All installations that require machining on the glass.

Bathrooms-in-stainless-steel: Bathrooms and screens

All the necessary hardware for the creation and installation of the most varied bathroom screens. Including weatherstripping or sealing gaskets for the screens. Reinforcing bars.

Facilities and air guides

Hardware for the installation of sliding doors, fixed glass, spacers and buttons, railings, clips, legs, etc. Including other hardware such as paddle tennis courts, or sanitary cabins.

Protection and security

Safety clothing for glass using the most advanced technologies and materials. Everything necessary for the protection and safety of the glassworker. Wide range of PPE.


Non-portable, fixed or transportable machinery with a crane. Here one can find the largest catalogue of machinery aimed at improving production processes for glass manufacturing.


The company has a complete range of tools for portable glass handling, manufacturing, gluing or measuring tools.


Consumables used for machinery involved in the glass cutting, polishing and machining process and diamond tools for cutting or polishing glass.



They have exclusive contracts with the main European manufacturers. Saheco, Trivel, Dormakaba, Klein, Q-Railimng, Olive, Quilosa, or Loxeal, among others.

Their clients are all glass-related installers and manufacturers:

  • Glassware, manufacturers or installers
  • Aluminist
  • Metal locksmiths
  • Wood carpentry, furniture factories
  • Construction companies
  • Maintenance companies

Currently, in the 80/20 of this company’s customers, 80% of the Invoicing is made by approximately 75 clients, with whom they have a solid and stable business history.


The company is divided into 3 parts, at the head of which there is a person in charge, who in turn has a junior in charge of the department.


Santa Cruz de Tenerife Province Delegation

Province Delegation of Gran Canaria


The head of administration has a more qualified role and exercises as CEO.


1 Employee relationship

All employees are permanent, full time.

They offer a stable employment, and the staff is very committed to the company and the brand. Seniority ranges from 8 to 2 years.

Certifications / Licenses

By company philosophy, 100% of the company’s clients are B2B business clients.

They do not have any clients from public administrations.


Registered name for 15 years with oficina de “Marcas y Patentes”


The expansion focuses on:

  • Sales growth in the Maghreb (Senegal, Mauritania, Cape Verde, Morocco) with the exclusive contracts signed in 2018. They already make periodic visits to the countries where they work. This firm enjoys the unquestionable support of the Tenerife Chamber of Commerce, which has designed a commercial plan of action and supports them consolably in the destination country, they receive support in bureaucratic procedures, as well as financial support in the destination.
  • Online sales growth

o They work in the peninsular market (Iberian Spain) with a strategy designed by the company                   and Hubspot application, for sales growth in Spain. Mocanweb

o They work with the company NK solutions for the expansion of online sales in the Maghreb,                    through the RRSS and the Markets places. (aliexpress, amazon, etc)

  • Referring to the expansion plan. Maintenance of off-line turnover in the Canary Islands and expansion through online marketing and expansion to the Maghreb countries.



This successful company realizes a turnover of 1.000.000 euros / year.


Due to personal issues the actual owner decided to list the fully working company for 1.399.000 euro.

Manufacturer of Lubricants and Chemical products – La Rioja

Manufacturer of Lubricants and Chemical products – La Rioja


This company is a family business located in La Rioja since 1960 and dedicated to the design, manufacture, packaging and marketing of tubes, antifreezes, lubricants and auxiliary chemical products for the automotive and industrial sectors.

It is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 by SGS, so they guarantee high quality in all their manufacturing processes under the exhaustive supervision of the SGS firm through the study and analysis of periodic audits.

They are characterized by the traceability of their products, to which several analyzes are carried out throughout the production process, ensuring that no contamination of any kind occurs and that the product is in the best conditions at all times.

They have more than 200 different products manufactured in their facilities in La Rioja, which allows them to supply the entire market demand. In addition, they are constantly developing new formulas and improving their facilities, with the aim of offering the best products to the market.


This business is situated in La Rioja, which an autonomous community of Spain located in the north of the Iberian Peninsula. It is defined in the first article of its statute of autonomy as a historical identity. It covers part of the Ebro valley in its northern area and the Iberian system in the south. Geographically it is divided by seven rivers that descend from the mountain towards the Ebro, which forms the backbone of the region, which is why they call La Rioja: “the one of the seven valleys”. The northern area, the valley area, has a Mediterranean climate and the southern area, the mountainous one, is more humid.


This firm was created in 1960, by the hand of the “ Pater Familias “ . Since this beginning the company achieved a long trajectory of business and personal success thanks to the effort and punctuality of his owner. Perseverance and love for a job well done has always characterized him and this brand.

As manufacturers, they are one of the few companies in the sector that owns its own packaging plant for tubes smaller than 1 liter of lubricating oil, as well as the first company in Spain to start the manufacture of antifreeze for closed circuits.


Their facilities have been created in the most efficient way possible, with the sole objective of manufacturing high-quality products, as witnessed by the many multinationals that rely on their know-how every day.

Both their laboratory and their production plant have high-quality equipment and the latest technology that allows them to carry out an exhaustive control of their products from the beginning of the manufacturing process until they are packaged and ready to ship to their customers.


  • Tourism motor
  • Motor trucks
  • 4-stroke engines
  • 2-stroke engines
  • Brake and clutch fluid
  • Liquid A.T.F
  • Valvulins
  • Antifreeze
  • Additives
  • Auxiliary products
  • Hydraulics
  • Gears
  • Guides
  • Thermal
  • Dielectrics
  • Cutting oils
  • Fats
  • AGRO Engine Oils
  • 2T mixing oils
  • Chainsaw Chain Oil
  • Tractor Hydraulics

The GARDENING range is made up of cutting-edge products, focused on another sector that has been experiencing great expansion in recent times. These products help to facilitate the maintenance of certain machinery for their users.


Another group of high-quality products is the range of CLEANING fluids, carefully elaborated in order to offer a high quality and guarantee compound.


More than 3,000 clients in the Iberian Peninsula.

More than 50% of their clients continue to work with them after 25 years:

  • Repsol
  • Shell
  • Total
  • TTP


This company has a large number of professionals who mix experience and youth in order to continue innovating and offering the products and services that more fit the needs of their clients.









Certificates: Iso 9001, ISO 14001, OSHAS 18001


No wonder this highly professional company realizes a turnover of 4.000.000 Euros/year


Due to personal health issues, the actual owner decided to list this successful company for

7.690.000 euros including full property of the 7.000 m2 Industrial Premises.

Manufacturer of Coated steel products – Northern Spain

Manufacturer of Coated steel products – Northern Spain


This successful family business was founded by the “Pater Familias” in 2010.

A Specialized Metal Lacquering Plant for third parties aiming at highly diversified industrial clients was born.

The corporation managed to experience constant growth resulting in steady expansion over the years.

In 2019, a separate plant was set up for a new vitrified ceramic coating process, and in 2020 the innovative activity of a stripping process focused on the automotive sector was also started.


They are situated in Pontevedra, a Galician city in the north-west of the Iberian Peninsula. It is the capital of both the Comarca (County) and Province of Pontevedra, and of the Rias Baixas in Galicia. It is also the capital of its own municipality which is, in fact, often considered as an extension of the actual city.

The city is best known for its urban planning, the charm of its old town with many areas for the use of pedestrians only. In recent years, it has been awarded several international awards for its urban quality and quality of life, its accessibility and urban mobility policy.

Pontevedra is well-connected by road and rail. A good network of roads and freeways efficiently connects Pontevedra with the other Galician cities, also with Portugal (55 km to the south), and inland (100 km to the eastern city of Ourense). It is also just 900 km away from France.

Pontevedra has traditionally been a trading city. In the Middle Ages, guilds thrived in the old town, giving name to streets and squares still preserved today. At that time Pontevedra was the main Galician port, providing for a very intense fishing and sea-trading activity.

Currently, the tertiary sector employs 65 per cent of the population, while industry employs 17 per cent. Tourism is increasing, with visitors coming mostly from Spain and Portugal.


This business started its lacquering activity in 2010 in a rented warehouse installed with second hand machinery. In 2015 they bought and moved to a brand-new building with state-of-the-art machinery. In 2018, a new production line was invested for a new vitrified process (Ceramic Coating). In 2019 and 2020, the billing of this new process accounted for 20% of the total turnover. This process is expected to increase the billing by 10/15% per year.


The warehouse has 4.000M2, divided into two warehouses, one of 2.200 M2 and the other of 1.800 M2 attached but independent of each other, on a plot of 7000M2. This industrial building is fully owned by the corporation.


  • Weekly lacquering program in standard colors.
  • Lacquered in Epoxy and Polyester Quality.
  • Lacquered RAL chart colors in their different gloss categories: Matte, Satin and Glossy
  • Special finishes: metallic, textured, embossed, speckled, sablé, forging, transparent, anticaloric, high thickness gummed, rilsanized, acid resistant coatings, high thickness thermoplastic coatings, electrical insulating coatings, photocatalytic coatings, retroreflective, photoluminescent, anti-graffiti…
  • Anticorrosive coatings.
  • Chemical Treatment: degreasing, phosphating, rinsing and application of nanotechnology.
  • Custom packaging.



Anticaloric: designed for use in metallic elements subjected to prolonged exposure to high temperatures, from 200ºC to 600ºC. For indoor and outdoor use.

High thickness gumming: possibility of thicknesses up to 600 microns. High corrosion and wear protection, flexible, impact and weather resistant.

Rilsanized: Non-stick coating with high protection against corrosion and friction wear. High resistance to aging, it is not affected by sunlight or the elements, including the sea, as well as a large number of chemicals. Certification of sanitary and food use.

Acid Resistant Coatings – Specially designed for application on battery holders and power backup systems.

High build thermoplastic coatings: powder coatings based on high performance polymer alloys. Maximum protection of metallic structures against corrosion, wear and chemical attack. 200 to 800 microns.

Electrical insulating coatings: for application in electrical panels and components that require it due to their utility.


Photocatalytic coatings: titanium dioxide coating to neutralize NOx (nitrogen oxides), with decontamination capacity of the elements in which it is applied, reducing the content of microorganisms or organic matter, generating a self-cleaning effect.

Retroreflective: coating that gives the surface on which it is applied the property of reflecting light towards the light source, regardless of its angle of incidence.

Photoluminescent: coating that acts in the absence of light, for all signage intended to locate firefighting elements, escape routes and emergency exits.

Anti-graffiti: specially designed to protect coated objects from acts of vandalism, such as graffiti made with aerosols and / or markers, since it allows them to be cleaned with commonly used solvents without degrading the coating.

Anticorrosive coatings: surface treatment in accordance with the UNE-EN ISO 12944 standard for categories C3, C4 and C5 using monolayer or duplex treatments.

Duplex Coatings: anti-corrosion protection by combining metallic and organic coatings to improve anti-corrosion protection and obtain a better finish.


  • Automotive: the company has all kinds of colors, application of special coatings, flexible and resistant to impacts and battery acids.
  • Domestic: bed bases, table structures, doors, blinds, frames, …
  • Food / Hospital: trolleys, cutting rooms, hospital grip handles, handrails, frames, …
  • Construction and urban furniture: lampposts, benches, bins, signage, sports facilities, …
  • Naval / Industry: winches, partition panels, doors, chains, handrails, both in aluminum and steel, using duplex treatments.
  • Restoration: restoration of all kinds of metal parts, from garden lamps, railings, sewing machines, … to motorcycle and car parts.


In this company they take care of the entire process, from the reception of the material to its delivery. They firmly believe in the quality of their products and their greatest challenge is to achieve it with the least possible environmental impact. They are committed to the environment and for this they use respectful technology.

  1. ISO 9001
  2. E 411
  3. Plimsoll certificate.(imagen1)


Regarding the personnel structure, there are 11 permanent operators + 9 temporary ones and 1 Administrative.


This firm specialized in TREATMENT OF METAL SURFACES THROUGH LACQUERING AND VITRIFIED, has the permanent objective of offering the highest quality to their clients.

The purpose of continuous improvement, implementation and maintenance of the Quality Management System is to comply with the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard, the client’s needs and the operational requirements of this business.

The effectiveness of the Quality Management System is evaluated to detect negative aspects that may affect their service, clients, staff and other interested parties. The risks and opportunities are determined and evaluated, taking into account the context and the strategic direction of the company, that may affect the provision of an adequate service in accordance with the requirements of their clients.

Above all, they intend to be a company that ensures the control and improvement of their processes seeking the satisfaction of their customers, since a satisfied customer allows growth and expansion at all levels of their organization.


This successful company with solid reputation achieved a turnover of 1.900.000 euros in 2020

With an EBITDA of 23%


As the current owner has come of age to experience a quieter lifestyle he decided to list his business for :

1) 3.320.000 euros including all machines, installations and licenses BUT WITHOUT the PROPERTY In this case the 4.000 m2 building can be rented at 11.000 euros / month


2) 5.295.000 euros INCLUDING the full ownership of 4.000 m2 of industrial building

Specialist in lacquering & special coatings on metal structures – Northern Spain

Specialist in lacquering & special coatings on metal structures – Northern Spain


This company unites seriousness and commitment to a job well done, by having qualified personnel for this, the necessary technology and infrastructures that allow them to offer answers to each and every one of its clients by adapting to the challenges of an increasingly demanding and competitive market.

They are committed to innovation and the constant improvement of their systems and processes, by offering a comprehensive and personalized service. In their facilities they have a state-of-the-art production line where the parts are prepared to be lacquered and pre-treated. Thereafter, they are  lacquered and cured without intermediate handling.

Quality and professionalism are their best guarantee.



The actual owner bought this company in 2014 in a bad situation, but they were able to restructure and invest in new machinery. Now everything is going fabulously.

Thanks to the annual increase in turnover, the company now owns an industrial building of more than 4,000 m2 fully equipped to the highest production standards and up to date machinery.



Ourense is the city and capital of the homonymous province/autonomous community of Galicia, northwestern Spain. It is on the Portuguese Way path of Camino de Santiago, and is crossed by the Miño, Barbaña, Loña and Barbañica rivers. It is also just 900 km away from France.

The economy in the city of Ourense is marked by a predominance of service sector, the city has the largest shopping and leisure in the province, and administrative services (Xunta delegation, central and provincial government offices), educational (campus of the University of Vigo) and health (Ourense Hospital Complex) of reference. Construction industry is also important (Copasa, one of the biggest Galician construction companies, has its headquarters in the city).

Ourense is a well-known producer of European chestnuts (Castanea sativa).



The industrial building has 4.000M2 built on a plot of 6.000m2 situated on a large Industrial Park in the area. Their offices have a surface of 150M2. A big part of the machinery was renewed between 2017 and 2019.


Regarding the personnel structure, there are 2 Technicians (Responsible for Production and Quality R. Engineers), 1 Accountant, 1 Administrative, 1 Auxiliary quality technician, 1 truck driver, 1 van driver, 10 workers.



They hold one of the most advanced plants in treatment and lacquering of metal surfaces.

For immersion treatments they have 10 large tanks that allow them to treat iron and aluminum independently. In the case of aluminum, they perform a previous degreasing of the surface, followed by a chrome treatment, in which a surface layer is created that increases adhesion and minimizes the risks of corrosion. For iron, the surface is degreased and phosphate.

For the lacquering of the material they have a quick-change automatic painting booth equipped with 20 guns on both sides, which are in charge of injecting and fixing the powder paint on the surface by electrodeposition, as well as an oven  9.0 m long, 3.50 m high, and 0.70 m wide with a capacity per frame of 500 kg. For the treatment of large pieces they have a 3.0 m long, 2.1 m high and 2.0 m wide static oven fitted with its corresponding painting equipment.




  1. Lacquered on Aluminum

For the treatment of aluminum (qualicoat certification), a chemical pretreatment is carried out by immersion in tanks each with a capacity of 40.000 liters and consists of 5 stages.

Once the material has passed through the different treatment tanks it is ready to apply the powder paint. All their paints have the Qualicoat certificate, as well as all the other chemical products used in the immersion tanks.

  1. Lacquered on Steel

Spray treatment of steel (with qualisteelcoat certification).

In this process line they have a spray washing tunnel for washing steel parts, which is equipped with a continuous conveyor for hanging the parts to be treated. The cleaning action is carried out in 3 stages by spraying chemicals and water under pressure (1.0-1.5 kg) from a tank containing a solution and which, through a conduction system, projected through nozzles, reaches the metal. This treatment consists of 4 stages:


  1. Colors and finishing touches

In this business they offer their clients a wide variety of finishes; RAL chart colors or specific finishes such as embossed, metallic, textured, varnish …

  1. Special coatings

They have a wide range of special coatings, offering the most appropriate to the needs of each client. Among others the most requested:

  • Anticorrosive
  • Plastisolado
  • Photoluminescent
  • Anticaloric
  • Acid resistant
  • Antigraffiti
  1. Lacquered RAL chart colors in different gloss categories: matt, satin and glossy.
  2. Delivery and collection

In order to offer a comprehensive service to their clients, they provide a collection and delivery service. Also, custom packaging on demand.



Thanks to the wide range of different finishes and the specialization of their lacquering and treatment lines, they provide lacquering and coating services for all kinds of serving sectors such as automotive, food-hospital, decoration, construction and urban, naval, furniture, industrial or restoration.

One of its most loyal clients are INDITEX with all its stores such as ZARA, Pull and Bear, Massimo Dutti, Bershka, Stradivarius, Oysho, Zara Home and Uterqüe)



In this company they take care of the entire process, from the reception of the material to its delivery. They firmly believe in the quality of their products and their greatest challenge is to achieve it with the least possible environmental impact. They are committed to the environment and for this they use respectful technology.

  • Qualicoat
  • ISO 9001
  • E 411



Thanks to the highly professional products and services, this company has built an indisputable reputation. Because of that they have reached an annual turnover of approximately 1.100.000 euros.


Due to future retirement, this full installed company with all official permits and quality control certificates is on the market for

2.989.000 euro INCLUDED FULL PROPERTY of the impressive modern premises on a plot of 6.000 m2 and a new building of 4.000 m2